Thursday, June 26, 2014

penelope lane

It's about time to do a little recap.
In the beginning of June I joined the Penelope Lane summer boutique.
I always love these fairs.
So many kindred spirits.
My people.
Who all love details, color, and whimsy.
And the owners of Penelope Lane were just the sweetest
and most welcoming.  It was such a pleasure.
I find the day goes so fast, from unloading, setting up, chatting with shoppers.

My most favorite part was meeting up with two online friends who have become real life friends.

you can bet I'll be back for their fall and holiday boutiques.
Also.. beginning July 1st there will be a coupon code in the
etsy shop for 20% off in honor of my birthday.
It'll be JULY20!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

a belated tribute

I recently asked someone if everyone writes in their heads.
As you're walking and sitting, and going about your day
do phrases and thoughts form into sentences and paragraphs
just flowing through your mind.

Because they do for me.

Back when I worked as a documentary producer and then reporter
if I was working on a bigger project that was more in depth I would wake
to realize scripts were forming in my sleep.
The perfect chain of words painting a picture of thoughts.
And I'd have to grab a paper to jot them down.

This friend said, "No, that doesn't happen to everyone."

So I guess it isn't a common every day occurrence.

Because I think I'm in my mind a lot.
Thinking, and praying, and writing these scripts meant for no one
else but me.  Is this weird?  Please tell me you do this too?
But if you don't that's ok too.

Because as I think and silently write, things are working their
way through me, and I believe God is using it to strengthen
me and grow me, and teach me.

And more is making sense.

Epiphanies and realizations and dots connecting.
And out of all of this I find a boldness is building in me.
And a freedom I personally hadn't known before.
I know much of this is probably confusing.
But just know that it is good.

It is just good.

I could go down a whole rabbit trail now.
But back to Memorial Day!!!

For now I want to pay a delayed tribute to our country's heroes.
To the service men and women who sacrifice so much,
their very lives for us to have freedom.

My dad was a navy fighter pilot in Vietnam.  And 45 years ago
this week, knowing the risk that he may not come home he
called my mom during a break (it's called something more formal
than that, but I'll call it a small break) and asked if she'd meet
him in Japan so that they could be married.  My mom being a
flight attendant hopped on a plane and before my dad's squadron
they became man and wife.

Some of his friends weren't able to return to begin their families.
And I don't take it for granted that there is a huge sacrifice 
military families make in serving our country.  
And for that I want to say a very indebted thank you.

To celebrate our freedom and what feels like the official kick off to summer we
battled the crowds to play on the beach.  

It was a beautiful day to breathe deeply the sea air,
to uncover treasures,

to chase the waves, 
and listen to the laughter of childhood innocence, 
but most importantly to honor the brave
and give thanks for our freedom.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

queen bee & more

The Queen Bee Market in Oceanside was really wonderful.
It was so nice meeting so many kindred spirits and getting
to do what I love, talk about God and share my love for
decorating our homes with scripture.  
Getting there was a little stressful, with an accident by LAX, 
I was backed up for awhile and not
as ahead of time as I would have liked.  
My Dad quickly snapped this just as the doors were about to open. 

I grew up in the area, so a high school friend met me and she said, "Jackie these are your people."
She's so right.
These creative crafty folk, they are my kind of people.
And I'm ever so grateful for their creativity and that in them I have kindred spirits.
This bracelet I 
thinking about. 
And that's how I knew it needed to come home with me.
A literal 'armor of God' reminding me of His promise to protect
from psalm 91, a psalm I read every day right now.
Getting ready the second morning, I had to take a selfie because I was having
this very surreal circle of life feeling as I curled my hair in my childhood
home just like I did so many, many years before.
My son says I'm too serious in selfies so I made an effort at smiling.  
Sort of.
Cupcake Girl Friday was my next door neighbor.
Not a bad neighbor to have. 
And when the day was done, I got to hang with
a childhood bestie for dinner with the sunset.
The fairs, though a lot of work are so very much fun.
And I always walk away feeling so encouraged and with my cup overflowing.'s where you can find me next.
This Saturday at Calvary Westlake
5495 Via Rocas in Agoura Hills
and on June 7th at the Penelope Lane Boutique.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

earth day

The most glorious thing happened.
My nine year old requested that we celebrate earth day
with a trip to the beach.
I'm all for celebrations, and all for earth day.
So off to the the beach we went.
First picking up some food for dinner and
my most favorite healthy treat.
And all of a sudden we realized there were whales.
Migrating whales.
These pictures don't do them justice.
It was amazing.  And beautiful.
And it felt like a gift.
God was sharing his wondrous creatures
with us right in the middle of our earth day celebration.

We ran along the shore, following 
their journey as long as we could.

My tween was slightly embarrassed.
Worried people were noticing us.
I remember those days.  The self conscious years.
But I said, "They're not looking at us, they're
looking at the whales.  They really could care less 
about us and will never see us again.  
Just enjoy this moment."

I wanted to soak it in forever.
This special visit, by these mighty creatures
so close it felt like you could
touch them if you were brave enough.

And though so many scriptures could fit this moment.
The one that came to my mind was Ephesians 3:20.

"Now all glory to God, who is able,
through his mighty power at work within us,
to accomplish infinitely more than we might
ask or think."

He gifted us with so much more than I could have
ever even imagined to ask or think.

And in the same way, his mighty power at work
within us, can accomplish more than we might
ask or think.

And it takes the weight off doesn't it.
Knowing his power is doing a mighty work.
It's not on us at all.
And what he can do is beyond what we could even imagine.

And to that I say it was a beautiful earth day.
A memory I will cherish.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

alone, yet not alone

More than anything I hope you know you are not alone.
He who gave his life to save yours is with you always.

This day we celebrate His defeating sin, and death.
He rose again, and is alive, 
with us every step of every day.  
Giving strength, guidance, protection, comfort,
faithful love.
Every perfect gift.  
I cannot imagine walking through this life without Him.  
I hope you know this comfort too.

Whatever you're facing today.
Know that you can walk through it without fear.
His mightiness is your shield.
His love is now revealed.

This song was composed by a friend's dad.
There was much controversy around it.
But that is ok, because in the controversy more heard the words.

Jesus works in even the things that seem unfair, unjust.
We just don't always see the whole story, or the end. 
But he does.
And he has already conquered it all.
There is already victory in Him.

This song is sung by Joni Eareckson Tada, her life story alone, and the fact
that she was even able to hit these notes is a miracle.
The second painting of Mary with baby Jesus in this video 
has hung for decades in my parent's home.
I would pass it many times a day.
A source of inspiration in my own journey.

"I will not be bent in fear.
He is the refuge I know is near.
In his strength I find my own.
How mighty is his shield.
For his love is now revealed."

"I'm alone, yet not alone."
Amen friends!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

another giveaway

Happy Easter week, and Holy Thursday friends.
What a special week this is for all of us.
I want to share another giveaway and a little interview about me
over at CAST TEAM.  It's the Christian Artists Street Team where 
I'm a member.  They do a featured artist post, and this week I'm
the featured artist.  
I hope to get back on here with more resurrection thoughts before the week is out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

easter giveaway

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