Thursday, November 24, 2011

advent calendar!

Happy Happy Thanksgiving.

Quickly, before I get back in the kitchen.. I have a DIY scripture advent calendar in the shop.

It has a daily scripture reading that will little by little unfold the beautiful nativity story leading up to Christmas.  I've highlighted parts of the scripture, but the full verses are listed so you can delve deeper into the readings with your family.  

 It makes for a nice holiday decoration and 
a daily reminder to stay focused on Christ, our newborn King!
You can find the PDF download here.  It will come with the 11x17 front design with daily number windows.  The back page will have the scripture that will peek out for your daily reading.
And directions on how to put it together.
It was actually pretty easy to put together.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

gift giving

Are you getting in the spirit of giving yet?
In case you are and you're planning ahead for your gift wrap,
I created these "Joy To The World" gift tags.
They're based off of the scripture art print of the marching kids to "Make A Joyful Noise..."

Wouldn't the print look so cute wrapped up with a matching tag?
That's actually what inspired me to do this.
So if you order a print for Christmas, you'll automatically get one of these!
You can get a set of 12 pre-cut with bakers twine for attaching and packaged all pretty by me.

Or you can buy the pdf and print them yourself or at a local printer,
as many copies as you'd like this season.
In the tags above I used a 3 inch scallop punch to cut them.
But you can also cut them as squares, or with rounded corners.
Then use a small hole punch at the top and you're all set!

Both are in the shop now.

Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone!

I literally was down for the count for the last five days.

We cancelled our trip because I was so sick.

But the fog is lifting, thankfully just in time for Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 18, 2011

come let us adore Him

I've been awfully quiet here this week.

Sorry about that.

Two reasons.....

First the not so fun news, I've been terribly sick with bronchitis.

And the second reason, which is fun news.

In the free moments I've had over the last few weeks, little by little,

this print has been coming to life.
I was inspired by our yearly tradition of going back to Bethlehem

where a local church literally makes you feel what it would be like

to be alive when Jesus was born.

As a child and even an adult, I still am mesmerized at the thought

of seeing Jesus face to face.
This print is making me happy right now and getting me in the

mood to celebrate this amazing Christmas season.
But first...there's other celebrating to do.

Yes, Thanksgiving.  One of my most favorite holidays.

But also on November 30th, fifteen years ago my husband and I

were married over Thanksgiving weekend.

Because our kids are all off school, we're going out of town,

alone, for two nights and three days.

Now I just need to get well.

Happy Friday everyone.

OH and my notable quotable for the day.

My six year old, who was watching "A Little Princess"

said, "This was made in the olden days, like the 80's."

Oh boy.  If that's the olden days then her dad and I must be ancient.

Monday, November 14, 2011

shabby apple loveliness!

I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to win this gorgeous Shabby Apple dress.

Visit Not Just A Housewife's blog for a chance to win too!

my son

First..I quickly want to share an online friend is hosting a giveaway of one of my prints or scripture stationery sets...
Go over and visit Tina's adorable blog sweet floweret!
I love the look of everything there...and she also has a sweet etsy shop. I'm writing about being thankful for him!
This past week our son was 'star of the week' in his class.
One of the things they did to celebrate him was to have me and my husband each write him a letter that was read in front of the class.

It was a good exercise sitting down and writing out our thoughts.
I of course had to tap into a little bit of his nine year old humor.
He asked that I not embarrass him.
Because as I mentioned a little bit ago, we've entered that stage.

When the day was done, he said he wasn't embarrassed.
In fact he was kind of glowing.
He was carrying himself higher.
My husband is such a firm believer in this kind of encouragement.
We all need to hear it.

We all need to take the time to tell others what makes them special.

Jackson, where do I begin?
With your birth you made me a mom and changed my life forever.
With you, I first learned what it meant to have part of my heart outside of my body. 

I would look at your little hands with amazement and wonder what you'd grow to do?
In what ways would you touch other's lives?
How would those hands reach out and affect others.
And now nearly ten years later I can say that you are growing into a young man 
I'm proud to call my son.

You are caring, kind and compassionate.  
You have a heart for those who feel left out or are hurting 
and want to make it better for them.

You have an insatiable hunger for researching things and 
you are one of the most determined people I know.  

When you set your mind to something, your concentration and will to accomplish it, 
is so admirable.  I just know the Lord will use this strength to His glory. 
I look forward to watching it happen as you grow into the man of God you’re meant to be.

I've seen your faith and passion for the Lord grow
and can't wait to see how it will continue to do so.

I've watched you learn to do your best, to put others first, 
to help others even in the times when you don't necessarily feel like it.  
And these things make me happy.  
I love seeing you help your sisters and show them kindness.  
They look up to you so very much. You have no idea just how much.

You're a great son and big brother and I couldn't imagine our family without you.  
What would we do if we didn't have you yelling and sliding down the halls just for fun?
What would we do if we didn’t have arm fart lessons and muddy messes.

What would we do if we didn't have your amazing creativity 
building all kinds of designs and contraptions out of anything you can find around the house?
Oh I know, we'd have a lot more string and tape lying around, 
but that's ok, I'd rather have the creations.

And what would your sisters do if they didn't have you
training them to be good spy agents and teaching them all those boyish things
they'd never learn without you?
The house might be a lot more quiet, but I choose the noise, the laughter, 
the fun and most of all your friendship.

It's fun hanging out with you, and talking to you about all the things you're now old enough to understand. 

You are also one of the bravest people I know.  
I’ve watched you in situations where most anyone would feel stressed or nervous.  
But you look calm and collected.  
You can take on a challenge and meet it head on without fear.  
I love that about you.

I love how you make connections and ask big questions and learn just by living.  
I like seeing how much you love to read and draw, play baseball and fish.  
Oh how I could keep going on, but I won’t embarrass you. 

Just know that I love you for you and so does God.  
You don’t have to do anything or prove anything.  
You are special and loved just the way you are.

Much love,

259. my son who made me a mom 
260. the way he's always teaching & changing me
261. time to create
262. an upcoming anniversary trip
263. date night just grown ups
264. impromptu date night with the kids
265. an awesome church service
256. helping others
257. a loving babysitter heading to haiti..making my girls day
258. games cancelled giving us more family time

Check out my friend Hillary's blog for a chance to win a free scripture art print or set of stationery!
This month is full of thanksgiving goodies for my one year anniversary of opening the etsy shop.

There are giveaways here, here, and here too!

Friday, November 11, 2011

ten on ten : november & a giveaway!

first check out my free scripture art giveaway & an intv. with me..more than you've ever wanted to know about me at my friend hill's blog capturing motherhood!

And's my ten on ten for November! 
Yay, so glad I remembered!
1. getting ready for school
2. thanksgiving poster in class
3. grandparents day
4. playing on the 'hopskotch mat' before leaving
5. 405 traffic usual
6. child led art project..gluing crackers..hmm
7. child led clean up of said art project ;)
8. asparagus soup
9. dinner clean up
10. stories & snuggle time before bed

Thursday, November 10, 2011

embracing my youngest

We had a lunch date yesterday.

I'm trying to soak up this last year with her before she starts kindergarten.

We went to the corner bakery and watched the pigeons try to eat everyone's food.

While she bravely laid out her plans for chasing them away if they bothered us.

And we took pictures to text daddy who has been in New York all week.

Telling him we wished he was here.

But the countdown is on.

He's landing in just a few hours.

I can feel the excitement in the house.

For them.

And for me too.

Daddy's almost home.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

celebrating us!

I mentioned awhile back that a super sweet and talented friend of mine offered to take our pictures.

Did you know I've NEVER had professional pictures taken of our family.

I have too many issues with stressing about getting us all ready, putting too much pressure 
on that one day and having it not work out.   

So typically we just have a family member snap our pictures for our Christmas card.

And the day is usually exhausting.  My husband and I are trying to corral everyone,
keep the kids (and in the past our dog Bella...I just now realized that this is the first
Christmas card without her..good thing I wasn't thinking about that on our photo day) all lined up and happy looking while also trying to direct our family photographer.  

We're grateful they're helping, but it's all a bit too much to coordinate all at once.

I love looking at all of the amazing photography work out there.
I love the dreaminess of so many family pictures lately.

And I was starting to feel like I really wanted to have
some artistic pictures of our own that captured us 
right where we are in life right now.
Pictures that set a scene of celebration.

I gathered ideas from pinterest.
And so did my friend.
And I tracked the lighting in our yard
to figure out when would be the best time to meet.
And we conspired together.

And the day was perfect.
It was peaceful.
No stress.
No kids crying or fussing or squirming.
They were totally cooperative.
My friend was calm and we all had fun.
It was actually fun. 
And I think it shows.

All of this was such a huge blessing.  Huge. 

And now I have a problem.
My problem is I have too many pictures to choose from.

But it's a good problem to have.

Here's just a sneak peak of some of them.
I'm not even showing you how many different cool set ups we have.
But here are some fun ones.

OH...and at the very bottom...if you scroll all the way down, I have links for two giveaways going on.
PLUS..the dear sweet friend I mentioned above, she'll be having one too come this Friday.
So keep checking back with her blog.
It's time to celebrate November.
Celebrate Anniversaries.
Celebrate Thanksgiving!
my son calls this the bird's pov (point of view)
 And these... these aren't even probably going to make it on the card, but I LOVE this series.
I will for sure be framing one or two for their room.  I love the feeling she captured here!

 This is a little cropped off sneak peak of a layout I've been working on.  
It'll probably be changed a few times before the actual cards are ordered..but it's making me happy.
 And this...well this... 
it makes me giggle every single time I look at it. 
It kind of sums us all up.
And for the giveaway goodness.... check out skinned knees blog and nurtured path.... follow their of which is to follow this blog and you'll be entered to win giveaways for a scripture art print of your choice or a set of stationery!

Friday, November 4, 2011

ladies camera bags

These have to be the cutest, most stylish way to carry your camera and gear around.

I love them.

And especially love the rose bag.

In teal

or raspberry

or marigold

or bronze.

Blogging about it to enter to possibly win one.

The giveaway is over at tatertotsandjello.

You should too!