Thursday, March 29, 2012

easter subway art

I couldn't wait to post this...
I've been looking for some easter subway art and didn't find
one focused just on Jesus with more of a vintage feel.

So I decided to make one.

And I'm making it free for you (just click on free) to print and share with friends.
If you do take it or share it, would you mind letting me know.
I'd love to hear or see how you used this in your Easter display.

***UPDATE 3.24.13*** ADDITIONAL COLORS have been added in the google docs.
You asked, and it wasn't hard to adjust so feel free to download in red, purple or sepia too!

Mine will go on my mantle tomorrow... pics will follow soon!

And if you have questions when you get to google docs, let me know.
Click on the color you'd like, go to file and then download to your computer.
Then you can print at home or take it in to be professionally printed.

Happy Easter everyone.  Let me know if there's another color you'd like and I'll work on it!
I love the joy of knowing He has conquered the grave!

If you're interested in purchasing some of my other scripture art for a friend or yourself
USE THE CODE SPRING SAVINGS FOR 20% off, now until March 31st.
Happy Easter Everyone!

embracing history

My middle daughter and I had some one on one time together
at the William S. Hart Ranch in Newhall.
It was a fun day seeing the old silent film actor and director's home just as it was when he was alive.
But most of all it was fun spending the day with her.

Also on the property, they've brought old historic buildings that might otherwise be torn down.
I loved going inside this old school and church.
Amazing how tiny they are.

I'm linking to embrace the camera...even though I know I'm only in one
of the many shots here.  But at least I'm in one. :)

Tomorrow I plan to have a free Easter subway art so come back if you're interested.
I'm excited to frame it on our mantle.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm in a place of huge transition.
My oldest just turned ten.
Next year my youngest will begin kindergarten.
Oh the plans I had for next year.
All three in school.
The first time in a decade that I could pursue some of those back burner dreams.

Oh the plans.
But the Lord has this way of laughing at our plans.
Not that he's making fun of me.
But His plans are always better.
And not always in line with what we dream up.

But if we trust in Him, rest in Him He will give us 
the desires of our heart.
It's just that sometimes I think our hearts need adjusting.
To be more in line with Him.
Well, certainly it looks like mine does.

Many are the plans in a man's heart,
but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 18:21

I am trusting that there are blessings I can't even conceive 
as I obediently follow this new plan He is giving me.

Lately I've been very aware of the fact that I in no way have the answers. 
And those well laid out plans, well they're being shaken up quite a bit.

I know right about now you're wondering what it is I'm talking about.
Soon, I'll explain.  
But today it's more about the little gifts, the way I'm feeling Him near, cheering me along.

At a time when I was feeling worn down, two surprise gifts in two days arrived in the mail.
One from a friend who didn't even know I was struggling through something.
A friend I hadn't even talked to in awhile.  She heard a gentle whisper from the Lord
and she listened.   And the quote on this sweet little stationery,
well it's absolutely true for me and it made me smile.
And can I tell you how much these simple little gestures made
me feel like God was encouraging me, inspiring others to think of me out of the blue, 
just when I needed an extra dose of love.   

Remember this day where I wrote that I felt so very overwhelmed and so we headed to
the ocean.  I sat and watched and waited and listened.  But on that day I didn't feel
any answers coming my way.  Despite my prayers to hear from the Lord.

Well, weeks later the parking stub from that beach outing was suddenly poking out of my bible.
The bible I use each morning, but the ticket stub I didn't even know had fallen inside.  
I was sort of curious, so I turned to the page it was marking.
My eye went right to this section of Deuteronomy 30:19-20, a section I had underlined some years ago.  But today, in this season it spoke to me in a very specific way.  

"Now choose life, 
so that you and your children may live 
and that you may love the LORD your God, 
listen to his voice
and hold fast to him."

The day prior to this I was sharing with a Christian mom with grown children that I felt my gut telling me to do something.  She cautioned me to listen to that gut feeling, the Holy Spirit, because if I start ignoring those promptings or going against them I will stop hearing them so clearly.

With this verse suddenly being brought to my attention, I felt the Lord again guiding me in the way I should go.  In this I have felt comforted, just sensing Him right here with me.  

So I'm about to walk in new territory.  
I'm in this place of so not knowing what the future
looks like and so not feeling humanly capable.
I'm resting and waiting and listening to the Lord.

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; 
I will counsel you and watch over you."
Psalm 32:8

As I get older and grow up I've learned how to just be comfortable with the not knowing.
Because I so wholeheartedly know He knows.

I find myself sitting in what should be overwhelmingly scary.
But I feel at peace.  I feel strong.  I feel His presence.
It's just as His word says it should be.  

Through the last ten years of studying the bible,
putting this truth into practice I see time and again just how much it truly works.
Because the old me would be spinning.
But the Lord is giving me a peace beyond comprehension.  
And so I'll put my next foot forward, listening to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.

I have no idea how I'll manage it all.
But I know He'll provide the answers as I need them.
And most of all I can't wait to see Him show up and show off.

I'm a patient girl and I know His timing is not mine.
So I'm sitting tight, excited to see how He will use this for good in all of our lives.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

embracing girly-ness

Oh goodness.
Can I tell you how I generally avoid these kinds of parties.
I'm not super into dressing up girls like little all.
But my littlest was invited to a place called Olivia's Dollhouse for a tea party.
And so we headed out in the pouring rain for some one on one time.
She very carefully chose her dress.
And so adoringly sat there to have her hair and make up done.
And then she decided that Mommy should dress up too.
Again, my first thought was oh no.  I don't need to dress up.
But she said, "Mommy please???" in that sweet little voice of hers
that I know will fade away all too soon.
And so I let her pick me a dress.
It was actually quite cute.
I was having serious prom flashbacks.
And do you know, I actually had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the little things

There are about ten different posts I could have, 
should have written in the last couple of weeks.
So here are the highlights.
Baseball is in full swing.
(praying before the game)
This little lady was star of the week.
which meant she had to make an all about me poster.
she was very specific of what she wanted.
no photographs at all.
and these adorable dresses cut from magazines.
that's me on the left, her sister, and she's the one who's five. 
love her shoes. 
It also meant mommy came in as a cooking helper.
The kids poured and mixed and cracked and whipped to their heart's content.
She was so proud.
I've gotten a couple of surprise gifts.
That meant so very much.
(more on that soon because I can't do it justice right now)
We've had some rough days.
But in that process, the Lord has brought me clarity.
And a new direction.
And I feel strong about where we're heading.
(more on this soon too!)
Many of our days have been packed with one obligation to the next.
I thought I was holding it all together.  In a minute I'll share how I was wrong.
But first,
this moon.
I don't think my picture does it justice.
I literally gasped in the car as I saw it rising over the freeway.
We attended a friends adorable carnival party.
And I'm attempting to add some spring to our house.
Those little topiary rabbits are making me smile.
And the potted plants, they're exactly what I was hoping to find.
Just picked them up the other day at Trader Joe's. 
(fyi: I found the bunnies at pier 1 imports)
It's the little things you know.
And this little thing.
Well it was on my doorstep today,
along with this.
God bless my dearest and oldest friend
who took the time to think of me.
It came with a green smoothie I drank too fast to photograph.
You see, I thought I was holding it all together.
But my body thought not.
I just found out today that I have walking pneumonia.
Goodness, gracious we've been a house full of sickies I tell you.
And finally mommy caved.
I'm laying low as best I can.
And feeling loved.
By the little things.