Saturday, December 29, 2012

her perfect day

my first born daughter turned 8 today.
Eight years ago at a little after three in the morning
I walked myself into the hospital to learn I was seven centimeters dilated.
And she was born 30 minutes later.

She was my easiest labor.

My most mellow baby.

Despite some early weeks of really bad reflux.

She was quite simply a super mellow and sweet baby.

I called her my love bug.

And my love bug she has remained.

Her love language is touch.

And she gives the longest, tightest, most heartfelt hugs.

Today was all about her.

All of her favorite things.

The day began opening her presents.

 Her big gift was her very own camera.

Then hot cocoa from coffee bean.
Painting at color me mine.

I think I like her day too.
Soup at panera bread.
And the day rounded out with pepperoni pizza, brownie bites and ice cream.
And her last and final request, the jacuzzi.  Or cajuzzi as her sister calls it.

A beautiful day celebrating our big 8 year old.  

I am amazed at her thoughtfulness, beauty, creativity, style, and genuine determination
even and especially when things are tough.  I pray daily for her stamina to overcome
the challenges that have come her way with learning.  And I trust daily that God has
a reason and plan that those challenges are there.  And I know that he will allow her
to prosper.  

I feel so very blessed to be along for this part of her journey, helping to guide her
and to learn just as much from her in return.

Happy Birthday sweet love bug!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

love came down

on Christmas.
For all mankind.
To be a light in the darkness
To be a gift of life.
Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life.  
No one comes to the father except through me."
John 14:6

Except through him.
The gift of him.
Let us open this most precious present.
Let us celebrate his birth, knowing he gifted us with his life,
in order that we might have everlasting life.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father
of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." 
James 1:17

Monday, December 24, 2012


Not a creature was stirring...not even a mouse...
I feel like a little elf.
Working away on a little surprise.
A surprise I can't wait to give my girls...and son.

I came across this image on pinterest almost a year ago.  You know how pinning goes.
I have quite the DIY board.   Things I'd like to do, ONE DAY.  But rarely do I dig in and do them.

Only I was inspired to attempt this as a special handmade Christmas gift.

I didn't realize it would wind up taking me the better part of two days.
But I think that says more about me, not the directions.  I rarely, I mean rarely
sew.  And I had quite a few interruptions.  So her images are way more polished.
But at least I did it.

And I decided to modify one for my son who really likes the musician/DJ Dead Mau5.
Yes, I had to look him up.  Because I'm getting old like that.  But a friend whose husband
is a musician educated me that he has been on a few MTV music awards shows performing.
And my husband's 20-something assistant was him for halloween.  He brought it this head piece
for my son to see.  He was beyond excited...and now wants to make one too.
Not so sure that will happen. ;)
But I did manage to modify the wee mouse into a dead mouse.   Complete with a teddy bear
in his own tin house.  I actually think my son will appreciate it.  And yes, I'm kind of cracking myself up.
Now I just hope Piper our puppy doesn't get a hold of any of the meticulously made teeny
tiny pieces.  And keeping it real...
I must somehow make my dining room look like
a dining room again before tonight.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

catching up...

 I have started and stopped this post multiple times.
Dragged away by something else, and left to 'post later.'

So now it's rather long.  
Because there is so much life happening.
And I guess I have been trying very hard not
to stress about all the to-do's so some of the to-do's have just
fallen by the wayside.
But it's ok, because the stress part hasn't been here.
So that's a good thing!

At the moment my kids are elbow deep in frosting
making (well eating) gingerbread houses.
Why is it the supplies never wind up matching the picture on the box?
I suppose it really doesn't matter.

So here we go with a quick catch up. 
Lights. Lights. Lights.
We don't always manage.
Well, like hardly ever manage.
But this year he did it for me.
He climbed up there and spent a Saturday afternoon
decking our outside halls.

He had some mighty eager little helpers.
Even though life was busy, he did it because he knows
pulling up our driveway to a celebrating home makes me oh so happy.

And these helpers also made my Christmas card assembly line easier.
You may or may not consider this child labor.
The season wouldn't be complete without a trip to candy cane lane.
We did actually celebrate Santa Lucia day.
It was a special new tradition.
They didn't really like the buns too much though.
A pretty little free printable found on pinterest that
is making me happy too.
 Reminiscing through pictures of Christmas past.
A beautiful rainbow on our rainy drive home.
 a warm cup of tea.
 preparing gifts of thanks to those we love.
 And what will probably be my most treasured gift this year.
The girl's tutor who helps me twice a week put this shadow box
together of pictures throughout the time she has worked with them.
The colors and style are so very much something I would gift
to someone else.  I feel so special that she took the time to do this for me.
And I know it'll continue to be a treasure for years and years to come.
 She helped the girls make this as their gift to me.
Adorable right?!
 And they've been helping with Christmas baking.
A trip alone to the mall to conquer Christmas gifts
led me to Anthropologie. 
 Which inspired me to do this in our home.
A slightly random, yet interesting night
having a sleep study done on this guy.
 To see how long he's in deep sleep.
So we had a slumber party.  It was sort of like
a science experiment.  
And we got to sneak away another night for a mother
son date to see the Hobbit.  I get more scared by these movies than he does.
A ballet performance in a show from their
Christian performing arts center.
Where the big girl's dances inspired them beyond belief.
And bringing the story of Jesus' birth and ultimate sacrifice to life,
through dance, I was brought to tears, in a good way.  
At the end of the night, they both said it was the best night of their lives.
And we're continuing a tradition new to us, to
have Tamales for Christmas Eve.
We headed to the gourmet tamale factory where you can
watch them preparing them.  It's pretty cool.
And the anticipation of Christmas, they're not excited at all.
Oh me oh my.
Just two more days.
But really it doesn't end there.
We can cherish loved ones and the fact that Love came down
on Christmas day, every day!
Here at willow of wonder we wish you the Merriest of 
Christmas Eve's eve!