Monday, January 31, 2011

Gratitude Monday

Because every joint in my fingers are aching I'm keeping this short and simple and strictly about my gratitude list today.

I'm thankful for.... 

#26 birthdays & being girly

#27 playing like a child

#28 wisdom from the Lord

#29 hugs

#30 a daughter who sweetly compliments

#31 a son who needs me still

#32 an awareness to hold onto this time

#33 a time to reflect on my weaknesses

#34 and the Lord carrying me through them

#35 children that giggle

#36 and pretend and play so well together

#37 the chance to love them

#38 and comfort them through boo boo's and ouies

#40 the fact that I just get them in a way only a mother can

#41 the chance to be home with them

#42 to clean my kitchen in peace

#43 to make homemade chicken soup

#44 the light shining through the window just right

#45 a brilliantly lit heart shaped hole in the middle of a stormy sky

#46 a friendship removed by miles, but rekindled by email

#47 the opportunity to help a sick friend

#48 getting to do a job outside the house with my husband, like old times

#49 feeling like a grown up

#50 pushing through the enemy's lies

#51 a sushi date night with my husband

#52 a man who appreciates me

#53 the power of prayer

#54 and the peace in knowing God knows when I do not

Friday, January 28, 2011

Notable Quotable

I'm sort of new to the blog world and I don't know if anyone else already does this.  But I was thinking it might be fun to have a Friday Notable Quotable day.

A chance to write any of the funny or inspirational quotes you've heard throughout the week.  Quotes from your kids, your husband, scripture, a devotional.  Something worth remembering.  A notable quotable.

The reason I thought of this is there are so many notable quotables that come out of young children.  Whether funny or profound, we want to remember them.

And as for devotionals, I'm always wanting to share what I've read from mine and from scripture.  So on Fridays I'm going to do so here.  

Here's more from my three-year-old (almost four.. tomorrow) theologian.

I must preface this with saying that these statements while we're driving come out of nowhere.  We aren't already having any kind of big discussion.  She's just thinking and then these statements follow.

AUDREY:   "Mommy, sometimes you cry even when you're happy."

ME:              "Yes, we do sometimes cry even when we're happy.  
                      What makes you cry when you're happy?"

AUDREY:   "When Jesus loves me."

Seriously?  She's three.  But don't you think sometimes kids have wisdom beyond their years.  I think those thoughts are from the Holy Spirit.  Such an innocent wisdom I want them to hold onto forever.

And another car conversation:

AUDREY:         "One day you'll be big like Daddy Mommy."

ME:                    "Well, Audrey, actually I won't.  Daddy will always be 
                           bigger than Mommy.  
                           God made him that way. And I don't really want to be as  
                           big as Daddy."

AUDREY:         "You're right Mommy, because when you're smaller you're 
                         cute and you're pretty cute Mommy."

That was an awe moment for me.  I needed to see myself the way she sees me.  The way God sees me.

My lupus is in a flare.  The first one since July.  It started on Sunday.  I think it was a combination of things all piled on top of each other, including doing too much the couple of weeks leading up to my daughter's party.  I've been feeling a bit sad about that, so her sweet words warmed my heart.

Here's to all of our notable quotables.  Feel free to leave a comment of a favorite quote, inspirational saying or scripture that speaking to you right now.  I'd love to read them!  Happy Friday everyone.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Living With The {im}perfect

Ok.. it's week two in picture me {im}perfectly.  

I'm shuddering as I upload this photo that I'm actually sharing it with you.

My car.

I mentioned here that it needed a bath REALLY badly.

It got one.

But do you know the inside, in a matter of days,

is thrashed again.

I took this just after my purse tumbled off the seat


and upside down

spilled most of the contents on the floor.

I haven't actually finished picking it all up.

It all shouldn't even be in my purse anyway.

You know when you go to a baby shower 

and they play that game where you get points for

having certain things in your purse.

I often thought I should get bonus points for the strange

number of things that find their way in mine and sort of 

live there, 
but just sort of there
taking up space,

and probably weighing me down more than is necessary.

So my car is already in need of a good cleaning out.

And so is my purse.


I put it out there.

It bugs me.

But I also generally am running in the door, put my purse down

and am hit with a million other things that take priority.

I forget to go back out to the car and that whole out of sight

out of mind thing happens.

Until the next morning when I say, "Oh yea." 

I need to get to that today.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life - Week Three

So I got my album.
I got my inserts.
I got my journaling cards.
They're all simple and sweet.
And that's how I'm going to try to keep this album.

You see I have this problem with my scrapbooks.  
I take WAY TOO LONG to do a page.
And because of that, the last time I scrapped 
was about a year ago.

Sad I know.  Pathetic really.

I had almost lost hope in ever picking up and piecing it all together again.

But alas.  Project LIfe is going to save me.
And I tell you I will keep it simple.
And I will have an album of 2011!  I will.

One way I think it will happen is my best friend and I have made a date.
Every Monday from 5:00-7:45 our kids get to play 
(and have a very rare movie night on a school night.. 
which just about blew them over at the prospect).

And we will scrap.

Because if I don't schedule it, it just won't happen.

And Monday nights the week isn't quite crazy yet.

So we started last night.

And guess what.  

In that 2 hour 45 minute block of time.

Guess how much I got done?

One Page.


Even with Project Life I stink at going fast.

So lets just give me a little grace.

There was the getting everything out.

There was realizing I no longer remember my system and couldn't find things.

There was the fact that both of us discovered our adhesives had run out or the glue was clogged and wouldn't work.  Ugh.

Productivity FAIL.

Oh and there's that little problem of chatting.

We women like to chat.

And we rarely get to finish a sentence without interruptions. 

So the chatting commenced (mostly uninterrupted).

We discussed everything from early childhood 
(we've been friends since the first grade), 
to high school, 
to motherhood, 
to raising our kids, 
to wanting them so badly to have their 
identity rooted in Christ 
and Christ alone, 
to pondering the desires of our hearts, 
to the future.  
Oh boy, yes we covered a lot of territory.
Just not lots of scrapping territory.   

 I realized I just can't manage to talk and scrap at the same time.  
It's something about needing to make eye contact.  
And perhaps needing my hands to talk.
And I certainly can't journal and talk or listen at the same time.

So I didn't make much progress.  
But it's a beginning.  
Now my dining room is a mess.. again.  
But it's ok.  It's ok.

So here we go for this week's life in pictures.  

I did a little collaging in the new (to me) iphoto program.... 
because I needed to tell the story with more than one photo.  
Oh.. I hope I get better at this streamlining thing.


Remember the new playhouse was being built last week.  
As each section was complete the excitement grew.  
The kids would go out there as soon as they woke, 
still in their jammies, in the cold morning air.  
They didn't care.  
They were so excited.  
We had to warn them to keep it down, to not wake up the neighbors.

 Tuesday is the day my youngest daughter and I go to Community Bible Study.  
There's some downtime in between dropping off the bigger kids at school.  
Just the perfect window for a car wash.  
It's usually when I manage to fit it in.  
This one was LONG overdue.  
We're talking since before Christmas overdue.
She loves watching the cars get washed and move along the water and bubble sprays.

Wednesday night and the play-yard is FINISHED. 
 It was late and dark.  

But working by a bright work light brought outside, 
daddy finished the last part of the slide and it was time to give it a whirl.  
To say they loved it is an understatement.  

The sheer screams of delight 
and watching their bodies zip through the air down the slide.  
It's a good one.  
Fast enough to keep my big boy coming back for more.  
It made every minute 
of every hour 
my husband spent piecing it together worth it.
And he said, "You know when you suggest something I must listen to you.  
When I finally do, I always wonder why I didn't sooner."

Hmm.. I like that. ;)

Party prep was in full swing on Thursday.  
A friend asked me to watch her daughter who was home sick 
while she had a meeting.  
So I put her to work.  
She was happy to help with the assembling of boxes, 
chef hat flowers & garlands.  
My little Audrey did her best to help too.  

Friday during the day I had my rheumatologist appointment at UCLA.  
My blood work looked perfect she said.  
No signs of the lupus in my blood praise God.  
But that meant my free time was taken during the day 
and I stayed up late getting everything set for the party.  
It never fails, as much pre-prep you do, 
there are always last minute things to do.  
I followed the pdf at One Charming Party.  
They really have great ideas if you'd like to check them out.

 Ava's sixth birthday party finally got under way on Saturday afternoon.  
It was so much fun seeing the girls enjoy all the baking stations.  
I feel so blessed to be able to do these kinds of things.  
I was praising God for how well I'm feeling this year 
and for the fact that I can be present and 
enjoy these special moments.

Sunday mornings have become our stay home and start slow day.  
We have shifted gears to going to the 12 noon service.  
It's the only morning of the week where we don't have to rush out of the house.  

I need it.  
I love it.  

And it's the morning we make sure to always have eggs.  
Three out of the five of us like sunny side up and the other two scrambled 
with a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper.  
That's exactly how the orders come in every time.

Oh and do you see the little hands and head peaking out from the table. 
 And the sister giggling over it all.  
You see my son is quickly realizing if mom has the camera 
he's going to wind up on the blog.  

He'll yell, "Duck or she'll put you on her blog!"
So for the most part he's dashing away from me at the site of my lens.  
Oh.. I'll break him in sooner or later.  

Happy Project Life Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, January 24, 2011

He Always Lives to Intercede for YOU!

"Therefore he is able to save completely 
those who come to God through him, because 
he always lives to intercede for them".
Hebrews 7:25

He always lives to intercede for me.

for you.

Jesus is praying for you right now.

And always.

Do you really know that?

Do you think about that?

This point was emphasized during my pastor's sermon yesterday.

Really meditate on that.

It ruined me.

In a good way.

To think of the moments when I know He had my back.

He was praying for me.

I know the bible says he ALWAYS is.



But there are moments in my life.

Some of the hardest moments.

When I remember them, to think 

 He was praying for me through them.

Fighting for me through them.

It's awe inspiring.

It brought me to tears.

And all I could think to say over and over again

inside my head as the praise band played

was thank you Jesus.

Thank you Jesus.

That is my gift #13

#14 A three-year-old with such a kind heart

#15 a husband who runs errands for me

click here to see more.. they're unedited, but show all the fun!

#16 a home filled with happy friends to celebrate my 6-year-olds birthday

#17 a mom and babysitter who helped set up 
 the baking extravaganza so the day would run smoothly

#18 A friend so dear to me, and so life giving that she stayed and cleaned up after the party, doing way more than she should have!

#19 pretty colors, especially aqua blue

#20 demolition beginning on something I've dreamed about for years

#21 Kids who get up and play and get breakfast on their own!

#22 Discipline that I see touching my child's heart, not just behavior.

#23 Getting exciting things in the mail.. including my 1000 Gifts book!

#24 Fellowship with women friends

#25  A week ahead with fun things in store.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Silhouette Cutter at I (heart) Nap Time

A very quick post about a new product I think would be so much fun to have.  Of course it's too much money for me to spend.. so that's why I'm posting about it, in order to enter a free giveaway of one.
Really would love to make personalized cupcake holders and pillows with my designs.

Oh and silhouette pillows for my kids.  With or without this tool, that's on my radar to tackle soon. :)
Check it out at I (heart) nap time.  Cute title isn't it.  Ohhhh.. but I don't have nap time anymore.  Boo.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Picture Me {im}perfectly

OH love this.  

My friend Hillary just started a new idea to post a picture with a journal about how we don't have it together.. because truly no one does.  

We're all struggling with something at any given time.

Even if we think we have it together for a little while. 

Life hands us a challenge.

But you know, I think it's the way it's supposed to be.

It's what humbles us and leads us to the throne of grace.

It's what causes us to stop and pray and to lean into Him.

Because His strength carries us in our weakness.

And when we're honest as women it's just so much easier.  

So here's to outing all the imperfections.

And joining forces in encouraging each other to be real.  

To be honest.  

To show our messes and our broken parts.  

Because that's life.

And it's ok.

Years ago I realized that I would judge my inside to everyone else's outside.

Do you know what I mean?

We know all of the things swirling in our minds.

All of the doubts and insecurities and messes.

And we only see the outside of others.

The polished, perfected smiles and have it all together fronts.

But that's not reality.

We all have messes swirling.

Just trying to keep it all together.

Here's a little secret.

I'm a recovering perfectionist.  

Something about having three kids and never enough time 
has taught me to let it go.  

To make use of the little moments.  

To not sweat the small stuff.


I have to confess I freaked out last night on my husband.

Really.  Over the fact that he changed out my computer and now the printer isn't printing the right colors.

He dared to say, "It doesn't matter if the colors are off."

I roared like a lion.  (sort of.. you get the idea) It DOES matter.  It does.  I totally flipped.. because things need to match.  

The colors need to be right.  Really.  

I know my sister is laughing right now.

She gets my long history with 'matching'.


Like I said,  I'm recovering.  So sometimes I slip.  

But most of the time I know I don't have it in me to keep everything perfect.  Which is a good thing, because it puts what's important in better perspective.

I'm so glad Hillary started this because in my Project Life post I wanted to include this picture.  I wanted to actually write a whole post about it.  But I thought, nah, no one wants to see my messy floor.

But truly, it's my reality right now and one of the many reasons I'm still missing Bella so much.
I had NO idea just how much clean up she did for me in the kitchen.   I know this picture doesn't look that bad.  Trust me, it was only a small section.  I should get more, but I'm trying to hurry.  

another {im}perfection... I gave my kids Auntie Ann's form of spaghettios one night last week.
Because I just didn't get my act together to make a real dinner.

(And here's another note... on the whole perfection / imperfection thing.  I try to do these posts quickly so they don't take away from my family and the real things on my 'to-do' list.  But they can suck up a lot of time... and I have issues again with 'perfection' so I have to force myself to not go take more pictures or to go searching for just the right one of Bella in the kitchen).  

Again.. recovering.  

Forcing myself to say, "This is good enough."

But back to Bella, I knew she was a master at scooping up any food accidentally left in her reach.

I knew that she would come running anytime anyone was in the kitchen.  Up until the end at least.

She was always under foot.

But seriously.  Now I'm needing to sweep and mop almost every other day.... but sometimes I'm not.  
And the reality that she's not here is glaring me in the face. 

Not only are there the regular spills, 
but we keep finding these splotches of dirt that accumulate.

My husband said that can't be from not having Bella.

But we've figured out it is.  It's from the liquid, the honey, the jelly, the little spills that are kind of unnoticeable, until something sticks to them and then they become really pretty obvious.

So here's to my imperfect kitchen floor.  
I could show you more.. and I will, but next week.
Because this recovering perfectionist is leaving this post right as it is.

For now I'm elbow deep in cupcake holders making chef hat flowers and garlands.  

I have a little helper I need to return to.

And yes, we're making quite a mess. ;)