Creative Projects

Flickr deleted the photos in my links here.. one of these days I will get around to fixing this.  In the meantime accept my apologies.
Scrapbook Layouts

Altered Art Decoupage Alphabet Table
I made this long before I kept a blog so there really aren't any step by step photos.
What I can tell you is that it was for my child's preschool class fundraiser.
I took a picture of each child, turned it black and white and cut out their head only.
I then printed vintage images of kids and different funny scenes.  I also made alphabet letters using ephemera like maps and old stationery inside the letters.  I very patiently cut out all of these things over some time, by just doing it at night hanging out on the couch while my husband watched tv.  And then after painting the table (at the time I purchased it from Michael's, but I'm not sure they sell them anymore) I decoupaged all of the elements around the edge of the table.  Each letter has an  image or multiple images that match the letter, like Queen for Q or rose for R.  It was a lot of fun.  It was sold at the auction that year for over $600.00. I wish I could say I made one for my own family to keep, but I never did. And I'm afraid we're now past the stage of needing a small table like this. ;)

with soda can tags, punched out and stamped