Thursday, January 30, 2014

creative tea time

It's high time for a little recap isn't it!
Back in October one early morning.
I set my alarm.
And had my computer up and running.
Ready to click away.
The  -  very  -  second 
tickets went on sale.
And within mere minutes they were gone.
But not before I was able to get three for me and two friends.
I knew that everything about the day would be an absolute treat.
And it did not disappoint.
I loved every second of it.
The tea, and yummy food.
The creative bliss.
Just finishing … finishing...
Can I say that again, FINISHING
four crafts in one day
was so rewarding on so many levels.
And the fun time with girlfriends,
no interruptions…I'll say that one again too.
Ahh.  Spoiled I tell you.
With all the supplies a girl could ever need.
Wearing a party dress and heels
and rolling up our sleeves to paint and glue gun 
to our heart's desire. 
Now that's my kind of girl's day out.
(photo courtesy creative tea time
And so many crafty kindred spirits
to teach and advise on things
I didn't know how to do.
The day was perfect.
And coming home to discover all the goodies
from all of the sponsors.
I felt so blessed.
Thank you creative tea time ladies
for all of your attention to detail.
None of it was taken for granted.
And the entire day was oh so therapeutic.
More than you will ever know!
You can bet my alarm will be set
when the next tea time tickets go on sale.