Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mommy day

This past week has been filled to the brim.

With school.

With playdates.
With baseball games.
With researching gardening and homesteading.
Doing lots of trying to educate myself rather quickly.

Because the planting season is well, very much upon us.

And a fun date night to celebrate a friend's book release.
A party with a nod to Texas, the setting of this political satire
"Don't Mess With Travis."
And lately, I've done a lot of sitting down only to fall asleep
after getting the kids to bed.

Which has meant a quiet blog.

But today, ah today.

It is Mother's Day!
My most absolute favorite tradition, breakfast in bed, snuggled with my kiddos.

And I wanted to just wish you all a wonderful, beautiful, happy, glorious day of honoring being Mommies!

For all you do and have done and will continue to do.

In church this morning I was thinking a lot about my past mother's days.
Thinking about how it was ten years ago that I celebrated my first.
Oh what a joy to be counted amongst those moms who get to stand and be applauded.

I thought about the ladies who walk away from church today filled with grief over
the lack of that title they yearn for so deeply.

I thought of the moms who are in a difficult place with their role.

And I thought about how grateful I am with where I am right now.
I'm at peace.
Maybe not every minute of every day, but overall I'm at peace.

And I have challenges for sure, but I am happy, and I feel content.

I have spent Mother's Days in the past desperate for an afternoon of sleep.
Desperate for a break from the dear children who made me a mom.
Ever so grateful, but just in the trenches.

Today I remembered sitting in church five years ago, a relatively new mom to three.
My life very topsy turvy.  Nothing was predictable or reliable.
I wasn't sure ever when I laid down at night how long I'd be asleep.

And I was worn down by an attack from the enemy that was strong and swift.
I almost couldn't catch my breath.  I sat in church that day and silent tears streamed down my cheeks.

The memory of that Mother's day rushed in while sitting at church this morning.
And perhaps it will every Mother's Day.

Those tears were over the realization of just how brave and strong mothers are in so many ways.

Every Single Day.

We're warriors for our children, for our families.
We walk through fires and storms, and dig in doing the hard work, all while holding our heads high.
And we put their needs first.  

But we don't do it in our own power.  Not at all.
It is Jesus, in us, through us, beside us that makes it all possible.

On that day when I was feeling so broken, I felt Him rise up within
me and grow stronger.  In the years since, His presence and my awareness of Him
has grown stronger still.

That is why I think I'll always remember that Mother's Day where I sat in tears.
It's a stone of remembrance to His power in my life.
For as hard as that season was, I'm filled with gratitude for the ways the Lord has revealed himself to me since that time and how much He has grown me and changed me as a mom and a follower of Him.

Most of all I so love knowing that this closeness will grow stronger still and He will continue showing up day after day giving each of us the strength and power we need as we walk this most noble path of being a mom, raising our children to know, love, and serve Him as their Savior, prayerfully all the days of their lives.

Happy Mothers Day you 
brave and noble Mommies!