Hi, I'm Jackie.  Nice to meet you!  This feels so formal, and truly I'd love to just sit over a cup of tea and talk in person.

This blog began as a way to share the inspiration behind my scripture art prints.  In 2009 I was diagnosed with lupus and there were times my joints hurt so much I couldn't hold a pencil.  But as I began to heal,  I felt the Lord leading me to create these drawings tied with scripture.  It's a way to worship and I hope witness, and the whole process is so therapeutic for me.  If too much time goes by without creating I start to get all stir crazy.  And I'm happy to say after both medical and alternative treatments, eating raw for nine months, lots of juicing, and lots of prayer I've been in remission since September of 2011.  I stay on top of things by keeping my diet clean (most of the time), lots of exercise, and resting when I need to, and I believe God has healed me.  And that is a huge praise.

I grew up not knowing that I needed to read the bible.  It wasn't until my son was born 13 years ago that I started really studying the Lord's word.  In the last decade, I've learned just how powerful it is, just how faithful He is.  I literally am moved to tears over all He has done for us, and how He has our backs, always.  Always.

Before having children I was a television news reporter and producer.  Having my son brought me home, slowed me down and changed my life by opening up time for my first bible study.  A few years later, during one of the most intense trials of my life I truly learned how to surrender it all to Jesus.  It was no longer a head knowledge, but a heart knowledge. I was completely broken and at my end.  

I learned what it meant to see Him as the Prince of Peace, my all in all, and to see how He works even the worst circumstances for good in our lives.  He is the ultimate healer, counselor, and comforter.  He is always faithful, and true.  I trust Him even when I don't understand my circumstances. The freedom that comes with that is beyond words.  

I chose the name willow of wonder, because well, I love willow trees, it sounded whimsical and a google search showed me in Christian art, willow means gospel.  So it's really gospel of wonder, which seemed perfect to me.  I am in awe of our Savior who loves us all.  He is a wonder to me daily.

You may have noticed I also like to write about my kids.  Hope you don't mind!  I choose to take it day by day, sometimes minute by minute and am trying to savor the now.  I'm a firm believer in listening to the Lord and focusing on just the next step I need to take.

I'm bound and determined to see the beauty, the wonder, the special in the little things....because too often when I'm too responsible I miss being in the moment.  Do you know what I mean?   This blog is a way for me to document all those things you think you'll always remember, but somehow forget.   

Welcome to my humble little blogger abode! Grab a cup of tea or coffee and join me!  Most of all I hope I can bring glory to God by sharing with you