Monday, February 10, 2014

spiritual refreshing

This weekend I got a chance for some much needed time away.
A retreat for women called
And that it was.
Girl time.
God time.
Alone time.

All so needed.

And I knew I would have to go to some hard places.
Places of digging deep towards healing.
And it was the perfect setting.
In the mountains.
The clean fresh air,
dew on the ground,
deer grazing,
and a myriad of colors 
painted by God's mighty hand.
There were tears and laughter.
Moments for speaking
and moments for silence.
And lots of clarity
through scripture, 
and sisters in Christ.
This is all of us.
These two were my roomies.
Sam on the left is a spunky prayer warrior and new friend.
Kim on the right has quite a testimony that God is using.
You can find it here.
She was my daughter's bible study teacher at Community Bible Study
many years ago.  That was how God first brought us together.
And interestingly He divinely knew our stories would be
intertwined all these years down the road.
And these two ladies are so special to me.
Arlene on the left was my bible study leader last year.
A mighty prayer warrior and I love her to pieces.
She was one of the speakers this year.
And Michelle in the middle.  
We became friends because of our sons.
God planted the idea 
for spiritual refreshing in her heart several years ago.
And she listened.
And it has grown out of her obedience.
I saw her in a new light this weekend.
A role of a loving mother to all these women.
Her encouragement and nudging to get
each of us there.
How we all are connected through
knowing her.
All so different,
and yet so much the same.
Seeing how she and the leadership team
showed such care for each one of us 
in both little and big ways.
They were truly the hands and feet of the Lord.
Michelle would always tell me how the Holy Spirit shows up.
And how wonderful it was.
And this year, finally I got to see and feel for myself.
And I promise you, I'll do all I can to
make sure I'm there again next year.
Won't you come along too?

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I want to share all the Lord is teaching me.
But now isn't the time.
I can say for now that 
I am being refined,
made new.

A friend recently likened me
to butterflies and rainbows.

I wasn't sure exactly if that was good.

But then a sister this weekend said
Rainbows are promises 
and butterflies transformation.

A transformation

For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun!
Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway 
through the wilderness.
I will create rivers 
in the dry wasteland.
Isaiah 43:19

Oh and this is a total side note. 
But my sweet friend Hillary from capturing motherhood
posted pictures from a photo shoot she did for me and my kids
this fall.  Some of the pics I showed you, but here are more.
I love how she captured them so relaxed and happy.
The joy I see in them makes this mama smile.


Kim said...

I have not checked your blog in awhile. Glad to see you posting and I love to hear the Lord working in your life. I love that! You look beautiful as always!

Jess said...

Beautiful!!! This sums up the weekend perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

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