Sunday, April 20, 2014

alone, yet not alone

More than anything I hope you know you are not alone.
He who gave his life to save yours is with you always.

This day we celebrate His defeating sin, and death.
He rose again, and is alive, 
with us every step of every day.  
Giving strength, guidance, protection, comfort,
faithful love.
Every perfect gift.  
I cannot imagine walking through this life without Him.  
I hope you know this comfort too.

Whatever you're facing today.
Know that you can walk through it without fear.
His mightiness is your shield.
His love is now revealed.

This song was composed by a friend's dad.
There was much controversy around it.
But that is ok, because in the controversy more heard the words.

Jesus works in even the things that seem unfair, unjust.
We just don't always see the whole story, or the end. 
But he does.
And he has already conquered it all.
There is already victory in Him.

This song is sung by Joni Eareckson Tada, her life story alone, and the fact
that she was even able to hit these notes is a miracle.
The second painting of Mary with baby Jesus in this video 
has hung for decades in my parent's home.
I would pass it many times a day.
A source of inspiration in my own journey.

"I will not be bent in fear.
He is the refuge I know is near.
In his strength I find my own.
How mighty is his shield.
For his love is now revealed."

"I'm alone, yet not alone."
Amen friends!

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Kim said...

Amen! Beautiful song my friend!

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