Wednesday, May 7, 2014

queen bee & more

The Queen Bee Market in Oceanside was really wonderful.
It was so nice meeting so many kindred spirits and getting
to do what I love, talk about God and share my love for
decorating our homes with scripture.  
Getting there was a little stressful, with an accident by LAX, 
I was backed up for awhile and not
as ahead of time as I would have liked.  

I grew up in the area, so a high school friend met me and she said, "Jackie these are your people."
She's so right.
These creative crafty folk, they are my kind of people.
And I'm ever so grateful for their creativity and that in them I have kindred spirits.
This bracelet I 
thinking about. 
And that's how I knew it needed to come home with me.
A literal 'armor of God' reminding me of His promise to protect
from psalm 91, a psalm I read every day right now.
Getting ready the second morning, I had to take a selfie because I was having
this very surreal circle of life feeling as I curled my hair in my childhood
home just like I did so many, many years before.
My son says I'm too serious in selfies so I made an effort at smiling.  
Sort of.
Cupcake Girl Friday was my next door neighbor.
Not a bad neighbor to have. 
And when the day was done, I got to hang with
a childhood bestie for dinner with the sunset.
The fairs, though a lot of work are so very much fun.
And I always walk away feeling so encouraged and with my cup overflowing.'s where you can find me next.
This Saturday at Calvary Westlake
5495 Via Rocas in Agoura Hills
and on June 7th at the Penelope Lane Boutique.

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Nicole McGregor said...

looks super fun! and so nice to catch up with childhood friends!

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