Wednesday, June 29, 2011

picture me {im}perfectly: stuck

I get stuck.

Stuck at the computer.

Stuck looking up this and that.

Recipes, tiles, party ideas.

Researching and side-tracking.

Some are necessary, some are just fun.

But there really are a million things

I need to accomplish.

And accomplish quickly.

My kids are in VBS for three short hours this morning.

There are beds to be made, dishes to put away,

appointments to follow up on and schedule,

lunches to be packed.

But I get stuck here.

Sometimes I literally have to tell myself.


I also get stuck with a fear of messing up.
I have these pillows I want to make.

I now have the fabric.  

It's a beautifully rich velvet design and color.

I just fell in love.

The scissors are waiting.

But I'm stuck because I don't want to

mess up.

It's a frustrating trait of mine.

Typically once I jump in, it all works out.

But it's that fear of messing up that can

make me freeze.

It's the zipper.

I haven't done one since I was pregnant with my first.

Back then time was limitless and my nesting out of control.

Today, free time is minimal.

So I must get un-stuck.


hill said...

I want to join you in getting unstuck!!

Allison said...

you are not alone. i need to get unstuck and stop being fearful of messing up! thank you for this. seriously. i heart your blog:)

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