Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the little things

There are about ten different posts I could have, 
should have written in the last couple of weeks.
So here are the highlights.
Baseball is in full swing.
(praying before the game)
This little lady was star of the week.
which meant she had to make an all about me poster.
she was very specific of what she wanted.
no photographs at all.
and these adorable dresses cut from magazines.
that's me on the left, her sister, and she's the one who's five. 
love her shoes. 
It also meant mommy came in as a cooking helper.
The kids poured and mixed and cracked and whipped to their heart's content.
She was so proud.
I've gotten a couple of surprise gifts.
That meant so very much.
(more on that soon because I can't do it justice right now)
We've had some rough days.
But in that process, the Lord has brought me clarity.
And a new direction.
And I feel strong about where we're heading.
(more on this soon too!)
Many of our days have been packed with one obligation to the next.
I thought I was holding it all together.  In a minute I'll share how I was wrong.
But first,
this moon.
I don't think my picture does it justice.
I literally gasped in the car as I saw it rising over the freeway.
We attended a friends adorable carnival party.
And I'm attempting to add some spring to our house.
Those little topiary rabbits are making me smile.
And the potted plants, they're exactly what I was hoping to find.
Just picked them up the other day at Trader Joe's. 
(fyi: I found the bunnies at pier 1 imports)
It's the little things you know.
And this little thing.
Well it was on my doorstep today,
along with this.
God bless my dearest and oldest friend
who took the time to think of me.
It came with a green smoothie I drank too fast to photograph.
You see, I thought I was holding it all together.
But my body thought not.
I just found out today that I have walking pneumonia.
Goodness, gracious we've been a house full of sickies I tell you.
And finally mommy caved.
I'm laying low as best I can.
And feeling loved.
By the little things.


bird and tree said...

hope you feel better quickly! I absolutely love your spring decorating!!!!

Très bien said...

I can definitely relate to living from one obligation to the next and feeling like I am holding it all together to then find out that I am just holding it all in, ticking like a time bomb waiting to explode. Whether that be emotionally or physically. Praying you feel better spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Know that you are not alone!
Visiting from "embrace the camera"
Très bien

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