Sunday, June 23, 2013

oh me oh my

so sorry to be absent for so long.
life has been full.
and I've been tired.
Really tired.
I think all the hustle and bustle from the queen bee market
to the D.C. fifth grade trip, to all the end of the year
responsibilities just caught up to me.

And my body has just wanted rest.  Lots of rest.
And I've learned from the past to listen to my body.
Even going on this computer feels too much most days.
I put my etsy shop on vacation mode.  Really just to get
caught up with life and balance, and well rest.

But like I said life is still full, still moving.  We do have children after all.
So my is a recap from the last day of school til today.

This was taken on the last morning I had to do my crazy hour and a half commute to get
my son to school and back home again.  Don't ask.  It was a crazy commitment.  An act of love.
And I was literally doing a happy dance to see it finished!
He's officially an elementary school graduate!
HOW did that happen so fast.
That last day I sat down outside
and just wanted to soak in the peaceful feeling
and enjoy the hydrangeas that are out of control this year.
I can say this because I do NOTHING to care for them.
It's all God's beauty.
We made our first batch of lemonade, from the tree
planted as a memorial to our first four legged baby Bella.
The girls had their last day of school with 
a memorable tribute by their tutor.
And we had a fun playdate with a homeschool friend
at the Huntington Library.
Horseback riding lessons continue, but early to beat the heat.
There are requisite trips to the park.
And Piper is always keeping us on our toes.
She figured out she can grab the toilet paper
roll and run like mad around the house.
This was her crazy yogurt face.
Happy for summer, and a treat.
A dance rehearsal and recital.
Fathers Day was celebrated with breakfast in bed.
And this adorable card their tutor helped them make.
Jackson began a summer basketball league.
And has already wound up with a sprained wrist.
But thankfully not a break.
OH and I almost forgot..I got to go to CHEA, the 
homeschool convention to do some research for
next year.  It was a full and fun day.
One booth was giving these away..such a blast
from the past.
Art class.. I love the way they teach.
And the art that I already want to frame.
And...I'm new to how people do insta-sales on
instagram.  But oh me oh my, they are really cool.
People across the country who have access to uber cool
thrift stores with vintage sheets and afghans and this and that. 
You could get carried away.
These I carefully selected with a future project in mind.
And.. vacation bible school. 
I love this particular VBS.  
It has been a part of our lives for eight straight years.
 And they love it too.
We have to make time for outdoor mud play.
 And I realize it's becoming a beginning of summer
tradition.  Teeth cleaning...and hair cuts.
They ask to go short and then grow it all year,
just to ask to go short again.
It's this funny little routine.
They want it longer all year long.
Then they can't wait to cut it and are oh so happy once they do.

I was happy get rid of my gray
and finally shorten up my bangs again.
OH and again, almost forgot, my summer
schedule is allowing me to return to my old
spinning teacher.  It is oh so hard, and oh so fun.
I can't walk out of there not feeling happy.
And last but not least, little Piper loves being a part
of our bedtime story routine.  And it never fails
that she falls asleep all cozy in one of their beds.

And this is that moment when all moms take a moment to soak it all in.  
The day is done.
And everyone is tucked away.
The house is still and quiet.
There is a peace.
And our hearts are full.


Mommy Girl said...

WOW, such a great catch up and great rest for you!
Guess what? We decided to homeschool next year! I'm going to need some help!!!

Sarah said...

oh how your pics splash me. love the haircuts and yes, I do the happy dance around here too.

Kinda of liking our momma notes. I do hope you'll join us again and link up. Wanna join us? Slip your fave recipe, notes of encouragement, birthday pics, all things gloriously mom, into the link up. Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.

Be blessed bunches,

(love the new header by the way)

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