Friday, July 5, 2013

happy birthday america & me!

An instagram loaded all random
because my kids are waiting for me
and I'm trying to do this 'real quick'.
We all know real quick on the computer
never seems to be quick.
So here it goes.
LOVE the cutting board 
tea with my mom to celebrate my bday!
she made me that cute crocheted wreath!

These little ladies made this desert all on their own.
I'm liking having helpful helpers these days.
this little lady loved the fireworks so much
she was conducting and singing along with the music.

And the beach.
Finally, we made it to the beach this summer.
Many more visits to come.
best smoothie ever... the wolverine.
An every once in awhile treat on the way home
from the beach!
Pa and the girls skyping with their cousin Michael in 
New York.  Playing peek-a-boo!
Mimi taught him to make omelets...yum!
So proud of him.  He's already done a few on his own.
And my actual birthday.
Born on the 5th of July.
The morning was perfect.
Went to a spinning class.
Then my favorite bird watching
with breakfast and coffee prepared
by the kids and served outside.
A gift that will keep on giving.
Scripture and inspiration every time you spin.
Happy 4th & 5th of July everyone!

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