Monday, July 1, 2013

rose story farm

I just must take you on a visual journey
of a place filled with so much inspiring beauty.
Lately I am very aware of how
my soul is seeking rest.
God whispers.
Peaceful respites
in the midst of this often 
chaotic journey
we call life.

I visited Rose Story Farm ten years ago
and was so looking forward to a return
visit this weekend.
This land was originally a walnut farm.
Built in 1880, then turned to a lemon and avocado farm.
Until the current family transformed it into an old world
rose farm.  They cultivate roses that no one else does anymore.
So..enjoy, Rose Story Farm...
The fragrances of their roses, and the layers of petals are unmatched.  
The tour consists of literally stopping to smell the roses all along the way.
Simply stunning, and breath-taking.  The hardest part is picking a favorite.
This one on the right is called hot cocoa.  
This peach beauty is called heaven on earth.  It is no longer being sold.
Oh sigh.  It was truly one of my favorites.
Apparently it was patented by Jackson and Perkins. 
And they've gone out of business so no one is able to sell it anymore.
I hope one day that can change because that's just such a shame.

This was the first of a week long of birthday celebrations for me.
And in honor of my birthday week, I'm offering 20% off prints in the shop.
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Happy almost 4th of July America too!

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Sarah said...

Your pics always capture me and drench me in beauty.

I'm splashin' around looking for some ways to splatter joy into our summer. I would love you to share some of your creative ideas too. Join me in the splash.


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