Saturday, August 31, 2013

insta friday - alone

Since I last wrote you 
the most glorious thing happened.
You see it has been a little dream of mine
to be in my house all alone
over more than a day.
To just be able to dig into
things that need to be organized
and work on those projects that you don't
start because you know you won't have time to finish
because of all the interruptions.
you know well what I'm talking about right.
Well, this dream, it happened.
For the first time in 11 1/2 years!
My husband was able to take my kids away for a long
weekend road trip last weekend.
And this left me 
for four days.
And you know what.
It was kind of weird... at first.
I thought for sure I'd be doing a happy dance.
But the emptiness was kind of eery.
Until I got into a groove
organizing for the school year
prettying up my side of the office,
and painting away on custom orders.
This one, oh how honored I was to work with this family.
Their daughter has spina bifida. 
Her mom contacted me months ago to see if I could
do a print of a girl in a wheelchair.
I pray a lot through these prints
and ask the Lord to lead me to the right
This hillsong song just kept coming to me.
So I gave it to her as an option.
Which inspired her to ask for
lyrics from their daughter's favorite Christian band.
So this is the finished product.
I'm so very excited for them to gift it to her.
It's so awesome to be able to be a part of something
you know will just make someone's day and to know
it was all for God's glory.

Meanwhile, the kids were
having a blast in Arizona, riding around,
rock admiring
and collecting.
Oh and killing wasps.  That's a wasp zapper 
thingy.  Youngest daughter was very upset.
Saying wasps are God's creatures too.
Love her heart.
But still don't like wasps.
Especially these Arizona sized wasps.
On my last morning alone I had definitely
gotten used to the quiet. 
And was soaking every last second up.
And within minutes, that clean, empty room 
turned into this.
So we begin again.
We had one last hurrah for summer
and went to sky high.
They nearly had the place to themselves.
That was pretty cool.
something looks wrong with that picture up there.
And this began....more on all of that soon.
It's a little surreal having all three home this year.
And I haven't quite found my footing yet
with our schedule and how to manage it all.
Can I be quite honest, I've already shut myself
in my room and cried.
Cause this isn't for the faint of heart.
My oldest is actually being so surprisingly good and independent
and going the extra mile.
The girls are sweet and hard workers too.

But having a struggling learner with dyslexia
and working memory problems.
It's just hard. 
Hard for her.
And hard for me.
And we've had some hard days.
So if you think of it, 
keep my sweet middle girl in prayer. 
I'm praying the Lord will break through walls in a big and mighty way.
Oh and endurance for me.
Endurance and good health.
Cause with God's help
I gotta keep this ship running!

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