Friday, August 16, 2013

insta friday

Since I left you last week..
We enjoyed the beach with my sweet friend 
and her gang.
It was a later in the day kind of trip.
While most were leaving,
we were just arriving
for a picnic dinner and plenty of play.
I couldn't think of any place I'd rather be.
We took a trip to the Getty
as the sun was setting.
I loved this exhibit.
And coming out to the beautiful crescent moon.
I start every Monday with a very early morning
work out.
This week many schools began and so
the LA traffic has increased dramatically.
Sitting at the light I was thinking about
two mottos I want to hold onto right now.

You can't be comfortable and courageous.  
So here's to 
And as all of the hustle and bustle picks up,
don't get caught up in the race. 
Keep the pace of peace.

Remember my getaway alone?
My pace of peace.

I don't want to lose it as the
school year starts and the schedules fill in.
In fact, I'm really trying to look at how
to simplify our routine.
And cut out where we can.
Especially being on the road.

This week has been filled 
with playdates, and sleepovers,
and swimming.
And really super creepy discoveries.
Which led to a call to an exterminator.
Who'll use natural oils.
But will help me get rid of these buggers.
That are literally giving me the creepy crawlies.
And I've been educated on all kinds of things.
Like that is a brown widow.  
I've been finding and killing these eggs since the spring.
The discovery of this one when a friend went
to put on our goggles.  ACK.
They had been hanging on the pool fence 
for only a few days.
That's how fast this happened.

Ok.  Moving on.

Cause I'm gonna start itching if 
I talk more about this.
We've been running errands.
Gearing up for the school year.
I'm not gonna lie.
Sometimes it's hard seeing pictures of the kids
my older daughter started kindergarten with
as they begin third grade.
I loved that school.
And I had no idea at the time that we'd
be saying goodbye to it.
No idea that two years later I'd be homeschooling.
And even though I know we're where we're supposed to be.
Sometimes my heart aches for the fact
that things are so tough for her.
And that it all didn't turn out in the traditional way.
But then her younger sister will bust out
with the most profound statements.  
And my heart melts a little.
Here's what I posted with this instagram pic.
This sweet girl is always sharing her thoughts.
This morning her take on homeschooling.
Of course she doesn't know any different.
But I love her take on it.

"I love homeschooling because you're
learning the same things,
but in a more easy kid way.
Like you learn in little steps
instead of big steps that are too much.
But then all those little steps make big steps
til it's one humongous step 
and you know a lot."

I've never relayed anything like this to her before.
I think it's her interpretation of what her sister
experienced in school vs. homeschool.

Each Monday this summer her sister has had an appointment with
her old ed therapist.   Her office is half way to the beach
so we've made it our routine to head there afterwards.
It's a routine I'll be sad to see go.
I finally got my printer back from the shop.
And was able to get my orders off in the mail.
It's always such a good feeling getting caught up.
Although I'm never really fully caught up.
I discovered this cracked egg ... 
which made me look up.
Didn't even realize there was a nest there.
Just hoping that baby cracked out himself  
and didn't die?
My youngest wanted me to find a couple
of old pictures for a locket of hers.
Scrolling through iphoto.
Coming across these pictures and more, 
it just made me ache.
How has the time gone so fast already?
Oh I just want to squeeze her.
And this.
My son has been through many phases.
This was the cut paper, use wrapping ribbon,
tape and scissors and create.
And you know what. 
He was mighty creative.

Seeing this reminded me
that he has always been 100% into
whatever he is into.
Hoping to channel that into school this year.

Have I told you all that he's
joining us in our homeschool adventure this year???
I dont' think I have.

The decision has been made for quite some time.
But I think I haven't had the energy to really journal about it here.
So I'll be doing first grade, second grade and sixth grade with them.
Eventually I'll fill you all in on curriculum choices etc.
I'm excited, and scared.
But God will equip.
I know that.
It will be an adventure for sure.
School starts August 26th for us.
The countdown is on.

But before I leave you today.
I must share this show our girls presented for us.
We were given tickets,
were given our opening greeting
which included the rules of picture taking.

"Two during the show and three during the finale."

And then the rose fairy and snow fairy
serenaded us with God songs and interpretive dance.
Do you remember putting on shows for your parents?
I do.
It was fabulous.
And this was her stance when telling her dad,
"Yes he could take a work call,
but he must hurry up and come back
for the finale."
Here's to a happy Friday and weekend!

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Kim said...

Wow! You are all in now girl! All 3 homeschooling! Congratulations.. you can do this through Christ alone. I will be praying for you as well.

We start school on the 26th too! This year only one student : (
It goes so fast...and I have to say, I would not take back one day that I had them at home with me schooling...It is so hard but so worth it.
Thanks for your prayers.. I will need them. I am dropping him off Friday.

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