Tuesday, April 24, 2012

her royal highness

I hinted over the weekend that I was working on a project.
This whole week is teacher appreciation week at my son's school.
I was assigned the coordinator position for all the little details through this week.
Monday's duty was to decorate her door with the theme of her favorite movie,
which was "Ever After."  I haven't seen it, but know it's a Cinderella story.
So the idea to make her into a princess was what came to mind.

And when I get something stuck in my head like that, I have to see if I can make it happen.

I think I've also mentioned I'm terrible at taking pictures for tutorials and step by step directions.
I took a few in progress shots on my cell to share with you in case you ever have reason or a need to do something similar.

I love mixed media and altered art type projects taking a real photograph of the person's face and then using other elements for the body.  One day I'll upload past projects from before this blog existed.  

But today, here is the progression of our princess.
I printed her face from a photograph, making it as large as I could fit on a regular sheet of paper.
Then I cut it out around just her hair, neck and face.

I used poster board for the body.  It took two sheets glued together, overlapping slightly at the bottom.
I traced out the gloves & top of the dress on tracing paper and then cut them out of scrapbook paper and glued them onto the posterboard, then I cut out all around the shape.
I wanted to make the dress super long, just for fun.  I used white streamers and row by row put glue down and folded the streamer over and over to make it look like a tulle layered skirt.
And of course she needed some beautiful glass slippers.

Here she is on the door.  OH and I didn't get a close up, but her crown is a free clip art printable that I printed and cut out and embellished with some glitter glue and a little star.  
My son's teacher said she loved it and it's hysterical.
Each day this week there's a different surprise.  
Today she got coffee, breakfast and flowers.

I do believe gift giving is one of my love languages because I just LOVE putting together little gifts for people and when they're surprises even better.  
As the week progresses I'll share a couple of the other treats that are in store.

OH and I have a couple posts regarding my daughter mulling around in my brain...exciting things are happening.  FOr those of you who have been praying for her and me I thank you so much!  I can't wait to share the little things making me smile this past week.

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