Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new years eve party

This will be short and sweet, but full of pictures...
I couldn't let too much time pass without sharing with you some details of our New Year's Eve celebration.
We generally are out of town.  But this year were not.
So literally at the last minute we decided why don't we have some families over.

Thankfully in my pinterest research I came across this etsy shop AndersRuff.

They were the perfect inspiration to get me working away.  On the 30th I purchased and downloaded and cut and decorated late into the night, so we'd be ready to ring in the new year.

I gathered menu ideas from pinterest too.  Plus each of the ladies graciously brought a side dish.  These mexicali sliders from chef Chloe, the sound of them and the reviews really caught my eye.  But we had a little help from Baja Fresh too, because my husband was afraid of my imposing a vegan menu on our guests.
I decided to see if we could make our own photo booth props.  Some were free downloads and some I created.
I think they were fun to play with for the kids and grown ups alike!

We sat around the table and the kids theirs, enjoying our friends.
We roasted marshmallows by the fire pit...
Yes, my son was channeling his inner Davey Crockett.  The kids were in heaven.
And we rang in the new year, east coast time with a count down beneath the moonlit sky with poppers and a toast.
All in all I couldn't have asked for better weather, better friends, a better night.
It was a wonderful way to start 2012.
OH and I almost forgot, each family got to leave with their own time capsule to record goals, dreams, a favorite scripture for the year... And as the year unfolds they can add those little ticket stubs, photos, trinkets, mementos.  Anything that strikes their fancy.  I know we have a little lady in the family who'll be mighty happy to save treasures in ours.  The goal will be to not fill it up too fast.


Chelsea said...

Wow, great work putting together the party! It looks like everyone had so much fun and those banners are super sweet!

Mommy Girl said...

looks like such a blast!!! Happy 2012!

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