Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have been struck in the past year about how important true forgiveness is in keeping the peaceful life Jesus intended for us. We're all sinners. Jesus is the only perfect being to ever live on earth.

From the smallest things like someone cutting you off on the freeway to the biggest things like someone stealing from you or betraying you. We are called to forgive because we are forgiven.

It's easy to know this, sometimes harder to put into practice. But when we do and we trust that the Lord not only will handle things, but will turn them into good there is something freeing in that. And a peacefulness grows. In that a closer relationship to Christ blossoms and faith is strengthened.

It's the little steps each day. It's the decisions in the moment that create a life of obedience. This obedience leads us closer to Christ and to being more like him every day.

So much strife comes from holding onto anger. It's sheer poison for relationships and for ourselves.

Teaching my children to say they're sorry and to seek forgiveness is an almost daily occurrence in our home. They play so well together and then they fight so well too.

But each time I see them follow through and say "I'm sorry" and I hear "I forgive you" my heart melts. When it's heartfelt I know they're getting it and they're practicing this very important principle. To let go because He has let go of all of our transgressions.

In many ways they're better at letting go and moving on than we are as adults. They know they need each other and they're invested in each other's lives. I hope these moments will help create a foundation for seeking forgiveness and granting it as they grow into adults.

Most importantly I hope they hold onto the enormity of the forgiveness they've received through the cross.

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Beautiful photograph capturing the scripture! I love you eye for taking pictures!

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