Tuesday, November 30, 2010


circa 1996!

Oh wow.  14 years ago today we became man and wife.  It was Thanksgiving weekend and on that Thanksgiving we had 25 people over to my fiance's apartment.  Those people included the family I stayed with in Japan as an exchange student at age 13. 

(Side note: lest you think I was overly privileged, it was a month in the summer with a group of teens from my junior high school.  My parents gave me the choice of Japan or braces because they couldn't afford both.  What right minded newly turned teenager is going to choose braces!).  

Back to the story,  my relatives from England and an assortment of friends and family all gathered in Santa Monica for the pre-wedding Thanksgiving celebration.

  No problem I thought.  Oh boy was I wrong.  I ordered a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner.  But when it was picked up we realized it wasn't cooked.  27 hungry people and the food wasn't 'pre-cooked' it was 'pre-made'.  I was 24 and the women in the apartment who were trying their best to help kept asking where this kind of utensil was and that.  And I just said, "We aren't married yet.  We don't have any of those things."

It was a Thanksgiving we won't forget.  The whole weekend we won't forget.  Oh how much our life has changed in those 14 years.  We've seen so many milestones and so many challenges.  But most strongly of all, I can see God's hand carrying us through it all.  I pray for both of us that the Lord continues to stay at the center of our lives and our marriage and that we are able to glorify Him in all we do.  

As for our anniversary, well he's working all night.  Boo.  But Saturday we have a babysitter and reservations at a 'new to me' vegetarian restaurant.  I'm so excited to try it out.

I'm thankful for how he cares for me and has an ability to make me laugh even in the hard times.  I'm thankful that he takes the time to kiss my cheek, give me a hug and a word of encouragement.  

I'm thankful for our children, for our dear friends and for new ones who've come into our lives.  I'm thankful for the three wonderful children we've been blessed with and who have forever changed me.

I'm thankful for an ever growing faith and for the journey that has yet to unfold.

Happy 14 years and here's to many, many more.

I'm joining Sarah Markley, starting tomorrow in taking a moment each day to count those things that bring us joy!  I know this 31 day journey will keep me focused on the gifts God has given me, especially His most precious gift of the baby He sent here for all of us.

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