Monday, November 1, 2010

Nail Art

Who knew painting nails could be so fun, and so sweet!
A few years ago we found out about the pumpkin fairy.

Here's how it works, but the secret is you have to know about her.

After the child picks out their favorite few pieces of candy they leave their bucket out for the pumpkin fairy.  In the morning they excitedly find a present in its place.  Kid's are happy and mom is happy because candy isn't lingering around the house for weeks and weeks.

Ava, my artistic five-year-old, received this really fun nail painting book complete with polish and how to directions for all kinds of nail designs.

She's a patient child and had it in her to sit still while I did her fingers and toes.  Making a decision was the hardest part.  There were so many cute designs to choose from.  But she finally settled on chicks for her fingers and watermelon for her toes.

I know they're not very seasonal, but they were her favorites for now.  I'm sure in a few days she'll be begging me to try something new. 

I'll happily oblige because it was nice spending the one on one time with her.  She was beaming with joy and pride over the cuteness of her nails, and I know the special attention meant a lot to her.  Priceless!

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