Monday, November 1, 2010

Potluck Parties & Trick or Treating

Through the years my husband and I have enjoyed dressing up as a pair.  This year last minute we decided to be Pocahontas and John Smith.
The kids were Alice In Wonderland,
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz,
and G.I. Joe in his ninja outfit.

We go to a friend's house where lots of families join in on a potluck dinner before going around their neighborhood trick-or-treating.

It was a fun (but pretty late) night with a bit too much sugar for mommy's liking.

But it was Halloween and today is a new day and a new month.

Oh.. and my favorite quote from the night as we were going door to door, our little Dorothy asked a man who was sitting on the front step giving out candy, "Are you OK out here all by yourself?"   Classic.  Happy November first everyone!

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