Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm {im}perfect

in so many ways.

This is going to be disjointed and sort of a rambling of the many ways 

my mind feels imperfect right now.

I had to dig this picture up after Hillary's post last week. 

This was on our mantle for awhile.  It makes me laugh every time I look at it.  

Audrey (the one in the middle... it just kills me).

It perfectly shows the imperfections of our family.

It reflects my son's rather annoying stage of making faces 

rather than smiling during photos.  

Do you know, not one of them knew what the other was doing. 

They didn't orchestrate this.  

That's what makes it all the more hysterical to me.

This was at the end of a rather long attempt to get a family photo for our 

Christmas card.

The picture actually just found me, as the frame fell off a shelf and onto my 

head with a ton of other things... (fun)

which caused me to get side-tracked and decide to write this post.

I get side-tracked easily.  

My son says it's what moms do best.

He's probably right.  

But in my mind it's called juggling.

And it's called trying to squeeze in a grown up conversation here or there.

So I get side tracked.

Really I'm cleaning out the nightmare of a closet where I keep wrapping paper 

and future gifts 

and an assortment of other "I don't know what to do with it" things.

But I'd much rather be creating

or sneaking away to write something here.

So this will be short and sweet.

And a glimpse into the imperfections here.

Oh the pictures will come for why I'm 

on a deadline to clean out this closet.

But I must not make this side-track any longer.

Soon.... I'll explain more.

In the meantime head over to capturing motherhood for more imperfections! :)

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hill said...

Love it. And that photo is fabulous you are right xoxo.

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