Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Life - Week Four

Wow.  The weeks are flying way too fast for me.

I love the accountability of this.

I think I've spent too long on this part that should be fast.  Why does this happen to me?
Someone tell me it happens to you too???

So most of this week's photos are sadly from my iphone or the teacher's email.  So the quality isn't great.  But it's what I have.

Every week the preschool teachers give updates on what they do in class with photos.  On this day, we got a special email about Audrey exploring the art center.  Here is what the teacher wrote..  

  "Today, Audrey spent upwards of twenty minutes in deep concentration carefully arranging items on construction paper.  What was so unique was that she began to create a row of flowers, complete with stems!  Of her creation she explained, “I have some pretty pink flowers like these at home, but they have green stems.”  She was so proud of her creation.  

Audrey’s ability to approach daily activities with creativity and inventiveness demonstrates the wonderful way she approaches learning; representing reality such as her flowers from home into an artistic creation at school is most definitely a developmental milestone at this age!  Miss Lauren and I were very excited to capture this part of Audrey’s personality at school and we hope you’ve enjoyed the snapshot into her day."

In the morning the kids love having breakfast and hanging out in the little breakfast nook.  I caught these two with feet touching, spending these early morning moments in sibling bliss.  I love it when they're loving to each other.

Wednesday I gathered up clothes for goodwill.  I'm really struggling saying goodbye to these little footie jammies and all they represent.  It seems without realizing it the phase of babyhood has faded away.  It happens like that, and suddenly I have a big girl who is in such a hurry to grow up.  Oh to hold onto the present, and soak it all in, as the gift it is because before I know it these moments will also be a memory.

Thursday we went shopping for Audrey's birthday celebration at school.  She loves being a helper in any way she can, and especially loves pushing that little shopper in training cart like a grown up.
On Friday, Mommy was the cooking helper in Audrey's class.  Each child got to help mix the cream cheese filling and then make their own little fruit tart.  Then the class sang happy birthday.  I love this shot the teacher's captured of her blowing out her candle.

I was hired by Discovery to cover the Sanctum junket.  
So late Friday night I went to the screening and 
Saturday was spent doing interviews about the film.  
I have a picture, but don't have it yet so this poster is my substitute for now.
Oh and just a side note, this isn't the kind of movie you want to go to alone. It was so intense.  I was a bit stressed and I wasn't alone.  
The woman next to me (whom I did not know) was grabbing my hand and was half in my lap at some moments.

The best part of Saturday was that my husband and I got to work together again.  It felt like old times.  
The icing on top was since we had a sitter 
we went out for sushi afterwards.    

Sunday my son Jackson was sick so the kids and I stayed home.  They all played with Audrey's birthday toys.  A favorite was this little moon sand cookie set.  
Lots of fun.. and lots of little messes.

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Such great photos. How great to have that comment from your daughter's teacher, perfect to save in the album.

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