Thursday, April 14, 2011

embrace the camera - april 14

April 14th... already.
Man the weeks are flying by.
I see the last post I did was last Thursday.
Sorry guys.
Lots going on.
Lots of home improvement.
Lots of sick kiddos.
Lots of sleepless nights.
Lots of not having the energy to stay up later on here.
And still no camera.

So this is a cell phone embrace. ;)
My daughter took this as she was running around the 
house snapping shots from her pint sized view.
I think those are the best.
She caught me making dinner.
Again, something I never take the time to capture.


emily anderson said...

i LOVE when the littles grab a camera...i too think their view is priceless :)

glad you joined us this week!

Amber said...

I think that is a great thing to capture. We are in the kitchen so much that our kids will probably have a lot of memories of us there. :)

Courtney said...

And look you're cooking with a smile! Something that rarely happens in my home lol.

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