Monday, May 23, 2011

Before & After

 Eight inches she cut off on Saturday.

She just decided she wanted it cut.

No nerves, no worries. Nothing.

She just wanted it cut and so she did.

Her comment afterwards, "I didn't know how good it would look mommy."

I was at a women's tea hearing a friend speak.

When it was over I had five text messages and two missed calls.

All from my husband.

One of them was the before pic with the hairdresser holding the 

place where she'd cut.

The hairdresser and daddy were wise enough to say they

had to wait to talk to mommy.

This is the child who wanted mermaid hair forever and ever.

I talked to her and said as long as you know that it takes time

to grow it back if you want it long again.

As long as you're fine with that, then go ahead.

I then drove to meet them.

And by the time I got there the after was already complete.

In an instant she looks older, she seems more confident.

She seems like a new little girl.

I'm proud of her and her generosity in giving her

hair to locks of love.

131. brave little girls
132. prayer
133. feeling strong in the Lord
134. re-reading a chapter of 1,000 gifts to my husband
135. barely being able to read without tears
136. grace
137. worship music
138. a vacation
139. the sibling squabbles that teach
140. siblings helping each other
141. exercising patience
142. feeling answers drawing closer
143. closure to a chapter
144. finding peace


Wonder said...

stopping by from 1000 gifts to say "hi"! love the sweet hair girls are in the process of deciding whether to keep it pony tail long for summer or short ☺ Happy day to you!

curlyQdesign said...

I just LOVE it! I agree that you can see a change in confidence in her smile! She looks so proud, and she should be! Locks of love is certainly a worthy cause.

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