Thursday, January 19, 2012

bowling extravaganza

We celebrated this little lady turning 7 this weekend.
It was a fun and sweet celebration with just a few friends.

I got all crazy on the morning of the party and decided to do some printables.  I don't advise starting the morning of the event.
You know when you say you're not going to do it.
You're going to keep it simple.
And then you do one thing and that leads to another...and another?
Does that happen to you?

It kind of happens to me.  Ok, it can really happen to me.
Because the design I liked on etsy was kind of a high price for just the banner
which made me decide to spend some time making my own.
Which then made me think, oh I'll just try to quickly do
the cupcake wrappers, toppers and drink wrappers.
But you know nothing is quick about anything with design.
I did my best, but let me tell you I had my mom and every one of my kids
helping in the assembly line that morning.

And it came together just in the nick of time.
Ironically, someone who was at the bowling alley to
book their own party liked what I did,
and hired me to do a custom design for their son.

So I just sold my first birthday party printable kit.
My wheels are turning a bit on this avenue.

But first and foremost you may have noticed I've been a little more quiet around here.

I've just really felt the Lord telling me to focus right here at home.
To make things run smoothly and to not feel like I'm going in a million directions.
My prayer has been to have energy to really pour into my kids in the ways they need me.
And my husband too for that matter.

Because this time is fleeting and the things they need help with are really important.
There will be more time for the creative things.
So I'm squeezing them in when I can, but I'm not staying up till all hours anymore.
I'm needing to find a better balance so I'm not running myself into the ground in order
to make all the ends meet.

My father in law's recent health scare has sent his whole family on a mission
towards healthier eating.  There are praises all around in this.  My husband began watching
documentaries like Forks Over Knives, The Beautiful Truth, and Engine 2.
He had them all watching them too while he was there.

They live deep in the country and thought ok.  We get it, but how do we eat this way here.  So I went on a mission to try to find them organic farmers and co-ops and health food stores.  I was sending emails and recipes and web addresses all to encourage and help them map this out.  I know it can be overwhelming.  But it's worth it.

My husband who has benefited from my vegan cooking, but wasn't really on board with much of my label reading now totally gets it and is a transformed man.  He really didn't know how to navigate through a store to find the right things on his own.  So one day alone they called me a  half a dozen times from across the country, with five grown adults all asking questions about quinoa and chia and where to find this and how to do that.  I'm by no means an expert, but this health journey of my own has definitely educated me.  In a way, their father and father in law's illness just may be the impetus for a lot of lives changed.  I'm so proud of them for taking charge and making an effort.

So I've been taking a lot more pictures of the foods I make and the ingredients to share with them.
wraps using collard greens

Chia Pudding, my picture may not look that great,
but it's yummy & good for you too!

cauliflower soup & vegan grilled cheese
I'm not a strict vegan by any means and am not with my kids.  I want them to have eggs and a varied diet because I think they need it.  But I don't think they need a bunch of additives and poisons that are put in so many things if we don't read the labels.

I recently found a new to me website I'm really excited about with lots of kid friendly recipes.
These rainbow wraps were a hit the other night.  Only we used peas instead of edamame.
Eating well and feeling well and finding ways to treat our kids to healthy foods while still being yummy. It takes effort and some time, but it's so worth it knowing we're nourishing their bodies.

Lately I've been asked a lot about recipes.  I put together an email for family and friends.  I thought I'd list some of the websites I go to or have their feed emailed to me so I can find new inspiration.  Some of these links have been shared with me by other bloggers too.  I'm always excited to find new sites, feel free to comment with any favorites of yours!

This list are some of my favorites, but I'm sure I'm forgetting some too.  Not all are vegan, but all have healthy recipes.


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rainbow wraps look tasty!!

Hespyhesp said...

Those rainbow wraps look yummy! And the printables came out great! I absolutely do the same thing though! Guess we have a funny definition of "simple"!

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