Monday, January 2, 2012

so much to say

First I'll begin with happy 2012.

My desktop is full of pictures and ideas for blog posts.

But for now there isn't time to sit and properly write.

We had a wonderful last week celebrating my daughter's seventh birthday

with a trip to Disneyland and we rang in the new year with some of my favorite people.

I feel so blessed.  But at the same time I'm very aware of sickness and evil in this world.

My best friend's dog we call the gentle giant just suddenly passed away.

My father in law is in the hospital with a mass that needs to be biopsied.

My husband is out covering the arsonist story here in LA.

I'm feeling very conflicted over the blessings and the struggles

and how the last several years I've become so very aware of being a grown up.

I wonder sometimes is there just more sickness, more evil in the world today.

Or is it that I'm a grown up and I'm just more aware of it all.

I know through it all God is good, and he will use it all for good.

But mostly I know that we are to desire our heavenly home above this earthly one.

And perhaps that's why it isn't to be all easy, and content here.

We are to have an everlasting longing for our eternal home with Him.

I'm praying for my friend and her family and my father in law.  For health and healing.

And I'm choosing to count blessings in the midst of hard times.

286. playing crazy 8's

287. a daughter showing some progress in the midst of new hurdles

288. a movie date with my kids

289. sleeping in

290. a sense of newness

291. setting goals

292. friends to celebrate with

293. that magical look in my daughter's eye at Disneyland


tinuviel said...

We are neighbors today at Ann Voskamp's. How wonderful to celebrate a birthday and the new year at Disneyland! My family had Christmas at Walt Disney World almost 20 years ago, but the memories still bring a smile. May God graciously comfort your friend and her family in the loss of their pet and grant health and good news to your father-in-law. Grace and peace to you in Jesus this new year.

Chelsea said...

I definitely know that feeling. I felt like right before Christmas I was just bombarded with bad news and was overwhelmed in my compassion- but knowing that God is good and really knowing that can hold faith steady.

Sweet photo of the girls!

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