Monday, February 6, 2012

audrey's God songs

I just had to share Miss Audrey and her God songs.  She makes them up ALL THE TIME.  They are part praise and worship song, part bible verses, part of whatever the Lord puts in her sweet little mind.  And I just love them.  Of course I know I'm partial.  But I love that I'm always being serenaded by her with God's word and love.

We had lots of celebrations this past week.  Lots of fun.  Lots of mommy barely making deadlines, but I'm making them and somehow everything is being held together.  Oh yea, that somehow must be God, lots of prayer that He guides my minutes and I use my time wisely.

Here's a look at her celebrations, and the birthday she said was her best yet.  It's an indoor trampoline place with loud loud music from my high school days.  It's enough to make the moms want to get out and jump too.
I loved all these girls in their girly dresses, jumping to their hearts content.
They followed big brother to the big kid section, but see the guy in the orange shirt, he's quickly asking the little ones to head back to the tamer section, so as not to get trampled.  
 My son was in heaven too.
As was her big sister.  
During some assessments for my middle daughter the day of the party I put together these I said it was another one of those just in the nick of time things.
The weekend was filled with game playing, especially this favorite gift, an adorable cupcake making game.
And of course the week wouldn't have been complete without a little celebration in her class.
She's counting her blessings..and so am I.

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294. making it in the nick of time
295. a joyful child
296. successful studying
297. learning about how she learns
298. peace in the process
299. pushing past fears
300. sharing something that I hope will bless others
301. a week of celebrations
302. more celebrations to come

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Keep celebrating! This looks like a beautiful week :)

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