Friday, October 19, 2012

insta friday 10.19

Some highlights of our week via instagram.

The chickens.
Oh the chickens.  They're getting so big.

And my little ladies, working so studiously.

WATERMELON..finally eating our garden's harvest.

Such a story behind this.  My oldest, after having
a teacher too tough decided she wouldn't do ballet again.
After a season off, and my knowing she is good at it and
it would serve her well to not give up.
We tried a new studio.  
This one is Christian and there's nothing but love and prayer 
and a positive discipline.
And she's thriving.
OH and the two of them will be partners for the Christmas show.
I can't wait.

It may not feel like fall with the 100 degree heat.
But I'm still getting in the fall mood with roasted vegetables.

Her favorite creativity..making & coloring her own cut snowflakes.

Tired of mom's pictures.

Piper, snuggling up in her favorite spot.

Making sea turtles for science.

Accupressure for allergies.  It's working.

And me, pretending she's a baby
since none of my human babies are small
enough anymore.
Thankfully, she doesn't mind. :)

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