Saturday, October 20, 2012

art therapy

My career coaching has been an amazing thing.
We've just had our third skype session and I'm
beyond excited about the tools and tips I've learned so far.
Little short cuts and ways of doing things I had never
learned, and it may have taken me months to google
and find them in tutorials.
Making the whole digital painting process that much
easier and more freeing and useful.
Pretty much since childhood I've turned to art as a release.
Things have been a bit stressful with circumstances I haven't
talked about much here.
It's not super important what they are, just that what it means
is my pencil has been flying off my paper.
It's my therapy.
Just after prayer and turning it all over to God,
it's my way of calming and centering.
I turn on my Sara Groves pandora station and I pray and paint.
And just wish I had more time to paint and pray and paint and pray.

I'm trying to make it all work and am hoping to have new things in the shop soon.
Here's a teeny sneak peak of one thing I'm working on.
And a clue of more to come.
I've been slightly obsessed with sea animals
since it's our whole science unit this year.
I love how cozy she looks snuggled up with him.

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Kim said...

you are very talented my friend!

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