Monday, October 15, 2012

school update

I know I said I'd do it every week.
Wish I could be more consistent.
To be honest, I'm barely on the real computer these days.
I school by day.
Then pick up, after school activities,
dinner, bath, bedtime routine & homework by night.

And when that's all done. I'm pretty done too.
So done I sit down and fall asleep.  Truly.
My youngest said, "Well, just don't sit down."
Ah that would work.  If only I didn't need sleep.

Anyway, it means the blog is sometimes neglected
for the parts of life that take precedence right now.
So I apologize for being sporadic.  But know it's because
life is full, very full.

So here are just some highlights...
My day must begin with a blissfully quiet house, bible study & a cup of coffee.
Piper is always a willing participant with homeschool.
Games make math fun.
They're loving our science co-op with Apologia Science - The fifth Day - Swimming creatures.
Here, they're learning how animals with blubber can stay in the water
much, much longer than us.
 This little lady with her 'blubber' hand (covered in vaseline between two gloves).
She would have stayed there all day, but after 33 minutes and 20 seconds I had to
make her leave so we could get her brother.  The experiment proved successful
compared to the minute and a half she could tolerate the ice water with her 'flesh'.
Documenting their findings.
Studying the Egyptian pyramids and mummies.
This is the girl's lego pyramid.
These old books from my childhood make me smile.
Love reading about Johnny Appleseed in the fall.
And big brother should have gotten
his cast off, but it wasn't completely healed.
So a new one was put on for three more weeks.
And the girls used the visit to entertain themselves.
I got to go to a dyslexia LA dinner with experts in the field on Saturday night.
It was informative and encouraging.

My whole goal this year, is slow and steady with Ava.
Keep her confidence up and keep her moving forward.

And so far, so good.
She's thriving and happy.

And my husband and I both hear her 
vocabulary growing by leaps and bounds.
Her assertiveness too.
Which is huge, very huge.

And I'm just counting blessings
through this whole process.


Kim said...

Jackie you are doing awesome! I am so glad to see those happy smiling faces on your sweet girls!

That dog is adorable!!!

AlongCameTheBird said...

Looks like so much learning and so many wonderful memories are taking place.

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