Thursday, February 7, 2013

a little snippet

Oh friends.
That's about all the time I have for blogging these days.
So much goes through my mind.
So much I could write about.

Like how I analyze my life through tween boy and puppy behavior
and how their impulse control is very much the same.

Or how I received an answer to prayer that made me feel like
God really heard my cries and he is providing and that just makes me
oh so very happy.

And how there are other areas that rush to my mind the moment I wake
where I don't feel answers and it feels heavy.

Or this sermon that just had me in tears as I made dinner last night.
So profound and so worth listening to, from the voice of a man who
has learned lessons from the Lord through one of the hardest trials I
think a parent can face.

I have so much that I'd like to really analyze here.
But there is so much real life to take care of, that I'm afraid I can't.

But I can give you a snippet.  A statement by my newly turned six year old
that just made me smile.

Staring off at the mountains of rocks that surround Rocky Peak, she said,

"I'm a rock climbing kind of girl.
But I think I'm still too young yet to climb a mountain."
-AUDREY age 6

She actually wants to climb mountains one day.  

I sometimes see mountains as a negative.

The hurdles, the challenges, the things that mean we struggle.

But those very things, they are what excite her.
Conquering challenges.

And with that spirit I know she will.

I know we all will.

"I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 
'Go, throw yourself into the sea,'
and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, 
it will be done for him."  
-Mark 17:20

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