Monday, February 4, 2013

a new week

I'm declaring this week a new beginning.

Of wellness in our home.
Of productive learning.
Of positive progress.

Just like this little lady who is determined to ride
her bike without training wheels.

(excuse the absence of a didn't make it to the car and so we promised, just a little practice.)

Her determination is admirable.  She will not let anyone assist her
with a push,  or a steady hand.

She wants to do it herself.

And she will not quit.  

It's amazing how different my children's personalities are and how
much a simple thing like learning to ride a bike can tell me plenty about the way she'll be
for years to come.

She has an "I think I can" mentality.

And she truly believes she can.

No one is going to tell her she can't.

She'll stumble and fall and start and stop.  But she'll get right back up again.

She doesn't get mad.

She gets determined.

And that will serve her well.

Right now.  And all through her life.

Just like her, I'm going into this week believing we can.

We can, with Christ who strengthens us.

And I'm going to begin by counting my thanks....

454. beautiful music
455. pretty patterns
456. a bohemian scene
457. a fun vegan restaurant
458. girl time
459. inspirational talks
460. the sun
461. the silver glow on the brush
462. wheels turning
463. drawing time
464. a vision
465. possibilities
466. a prayer
467. a renewed love
468. a new week

469. A talk that inspired me the most.
        Inspired by this scripture...

"For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro
throughout the whole earth,
in order to strengthen those whose
hearts are fully committed to him."
2 Chronicles 16:9

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Kim said...

Beautiful post! Did you go to Sally Clarkson? Or were you too sick?

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