Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy love day

Oh I really had wanted to make a series of Valentines for the shop.
I got about this far.

And never finished.  Perhaps I can work towards next year?  But for now I just wanted to wish you all a happy love day.

And I love this watercolor painted Valentine my six year old came up with all by herself.

She pretty much has it all figured out doesn't she.  We're making copies and giving them out at a big park playdate with our science co-op and other homeschool families...very, very soon.  Which is why I'm writing this ever so quickly.

And also ever so quickly I wanted to share.  I think my love language is art supplies.
So that is what I gifted my kids, who were equally happy to wake up to this amazing set of oil pastels and love notes.  They free from paper coterie if you want to use them too.  I printed a whole sheet and made a whole bunch of notes to each of them.  Because well, it's so much more fun that way.

love, sweet love.

I hope you feel loved today too!

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