Saturday, April 13, 2013

not today

Go see this movie this weekend!
A friend of my son's, his uncle made it.
I have heard from this man's sister and mother
that it was not at all easy to get it in the theaters.
It is HUGE that it is.
And they need HUGE support this weekend.
You see, the opening box office weekend
matters in Hollywood.
And it's bigger than this movie, it's
sending a message that these kinds of
movies matter.
Movies made by Christians,
with a Christian message.

We must, must stand up where we can
to fight for Christ's message.

And stand up to fight for the hundreds of
thousands of boys and girls sold into
slavery every day.


Right here at home.

We have a problem of epic proportions
in this country, in this world.

And it's not ok.

So fight in ways you can.
And begin by supporting Not Today!
I hope to see some of you there.

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