Sunday, April 7, 2013

insta friday - a tad late again

I guess it's better late than never.

This has been my son's spring break.
The days have gone so fast.

And while we never managed to go on a road trip.
We had lots of fun at home.  Lots of things I didn't photograph.
There were lots of projects,
trampoline jumping, and plain ol' relaxing.

It felt good to not have a whole lot on the agenda.

First..finally all three of our 'feathered' girls are laying an egg a day..
and I finally had enough surplus to gift our neighbors with some. 
We're getting more and more double yoke eggs.
Which means, one of those is enough for me.

The girls keep on loving horseback riding lessons.
One of these days I'm going to write a full post
on how these lessons and the gymnastics classes
have improved my middle daughters strength and confidence.
It has been amazing to watch the progress.
I've been doing some freelance work.
This job was for a new pilot, doing interviews to promote the show.
This was going to be the first year all three of my kids were in school and
I thought the year I could return more to the work force.

When I felt him leading me to take on homeschooling, I just knew that if God 
meant for me to continue my freelance work, 
that he would provide a way.  
But I really did say goodbye to it mentally.

I let it go knowing I needed to seek after Him and his will first, 
and if it was His will these other things would fall into place.  
And things have been working out.  
It has taken some juggling and some late nights, 
But God has made a way.  And that's a praise.
These pretty colors have been the source of lots
of painting fun for my girls.
They had one afternoon to let loose at sky high.
And it was time for him and me to get our hair cut!
During his baseball practice the girls and I hit
Home Depot.  I'm on a mission with a few projects.
More on that soon.
But for now, look at these
super helpful helpers.
Who make even outings to Home Depot fun.
Seriously, wish I could just bust out dancing whenever the mood strikes.
They also happily make a large job not seem so bad.
This momma is not typically a power tool kind of girl, 
but like I said I'm on a mission.
My husband so kindly set me up, showed me what
to do and then took our son to his game.
So it was up to me...and my helpers.
I already showed you our trip to get veggies.
Well, the week rounded out with lots of digging in dirt.
My middle child was on a daddy date.
So it was mostly me and this little lady.
This is her hard at work farmer girl look.
Piper kept trying to help..ah hem..sort of.
And when his game was finished he helped too.
We're still not done, but the sun went down.
And it was time to call it a day.
I felt like I worked out.
In that good kind of way.

Be patient, therefore, brothers,
until the coming of the Lord.
See how the farmer waits for 
the precious fruit of the earth,
being patient about it,
until it receives the early 
and the late rains.
You, also, be patient.
Establish your hearts, 
for the coming of the Lord is at hand.  
James 5:7-8 

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Kim said...

Wow! Look at you with power tools! So awesome about your freelance work. God is faithful!

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