Thursday, April 4, 2013

embracing seasons

Can this count as embracing the camera?
I'm in the picture right?
My daughter took this.
And I love that she captured the sweetness of our nearly one year old
rescue puppy who sometimes seems to be incorrigible.  
It's these moments that redeem her many bad habits 
we're having a hard time breaking.
It's that time of year where my daughter and I
are laden with allergies.  In our eyes, our throat,
our sneezes, our stuffies.  I was holding it at bay,
but it unleashed its furry yesterday.  
I keep joking, only it's not really a joke
that our yard seems to be raining pollen.
Truly, there's yellow dust everywhere.

The child that suffers with me asked, how much longer of this?
I said probably about a month.
It's the oak trees, the jasmine, the wisteria,
the orange blossoms.
All those things that smell so luxurious and look so beautiful.
They wreak havoc on our sensitive bodies.

But what this time of year also's time to get going on that 
vegetable garden!
I know I'm already a week or two late.
But yesterday we finally went and got our organic veggies.
Last year I started from seed.  
This year, well, I'm going to make it a little easier on us.
I had some very eager helpers yesterday.
I love that they are just as excited as I am to roll up their sleeves,
dig in the dirt and wait to reap the harvest.

Finally, I'm joining embrace the camera again.

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