Sunday, May 5, 2013

the queen bee wrap up

here it little shop at queen bee!
I had so very much fun.
And was told I'd be hooked.
It's true.
I kept saying it's like playing shop as a kid.
Only it wasn't playing anymore.

I'd love so much to give you all kinds of details.
But I leave at 6 am tomorrow for a week long trip to DC
chaperoning my son's fifth grade class on a whirlwind tour through
our nation's capitol.  
The things I need to clean up, lesson plans and meal prep I need to
leave for my family here's a bit overwhelming.

So I'll do my best with the cell phone pic's I have.
Here's how the finished booth looked!
 My husband got this of me while I was setting up.
The whole day went so fast, I really didn't get many pictures, nor leave my booth
for very long to look around.
 I'm going to back up a minute here and thank my helpers here at home who were so kind.
Supporting and encouraging me and asking how they could help.  
Always wishing they could do more.
The whole backdrop idea out of pallets fueled a slight obsession, 
scouring for them whenever we were driving.  
I know, bad taking a photo while driving, but I had to get this.  
Texted it later to my husband as a joke.  Ahhh, pallet heaven no?
 And I nearly buried my children in pallets in order to get them home.  It was pretty hilarious.  And I learned, those pallets can be mighty heavy. So I modified my original design idea.
I got some help with the power tools. The whole process turned into lots of teachable moments.

Oh and to keep it real, the couple of days before the queen bee were 
C-R-A-Z-Y busy and that friday before I thought I'd get on the road
by two and leisurely spend the day at my parent's house.
But everything took so much longer than anticipated and all of my
loose ends that needed wrapping up meant we didn't leave til 9:30.  And even though
I spent many late nights in the weeks leading up to the market, 
I had so very much fun with the whole process.
This was a bird's eye view looking down at my dining room table.
The table that I must get off of here to clean up!
So back to the market we go...
These survival bracelets with whistle clasps were made by my son.
I love his entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to encourage him.
So here are the real camera pics my husband took.  I didn't even
know he was capturing these candid moments, but I'm glad he did.
There you can kind of see my new booth mate friends, Julie from Rais Case
They were beyond happy daddy let them pick the cupcakes to share with others.
 Here's me using the square app function to take credit cards.  I think this technology is just so neat.
And a final pic before they said goodbye.
And here are some of the other booths.  I barely got away to take pictures.
Wish I could have done more.  Everything was so beautiful!
This was my favorite booth from flea market sunday.  And she won the best booth award. 
It was also her first time at the Queen Bee.

I met so many kindred spirits and had so much fun
talking with people in ministry and youth pastors who were excited to
use my work in the rooms where their children meet.
It's so awesome to know the story behind where the art will go.
I so wish I would have taken pictures of the ladies in the booths right near me.
They were the sweetest and so helpful!
Since I don't have pictures here are their shops.

They gave me such encouragement and helped
with advice when I needed it.

One of the best surprises,  my best friend didn't tell me she was coming down
and she surprised me by showing up at the market.

And my family all took turns stoping by.  I didn't get a picture with
my mom or son. And the one with my husband is on our 
good camera, which I'll have to add later.
But here's one with my girls, enjoying the yummy cupcakes
All in all, it was a mighty sweet day.

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Mommy Girl said...

AHHHH I love it! I so wish I could have come down for it. Next time!
And it's so funny because we were laying sod all weekend and have a few pallets from the sod and I keep telling my husband, "don't throw those away, I want them!" I don't know what I'll do with them yet, but I laughed as I read your post!!!
Great job!

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