Sunday, October 6, 2013

insta friday - a season of change

Oh how quiet I have been here.
Life has been full.
And though I've been on pause in many facets of my life.
Many others have been far from quiet.
And so my energy, prayers, concentration have been there.
One of the biggest changes is this little lady
went back to school this past week.
I prayed and labored and cried and prayed
and sought the Lord over this decision.
It was not an easy one to make.

But I knew it was time.

Time to admit that I am not the best teacher for her
right now.  When we began this school year
officially on August 27th much of what she knew
from the last two years appeared to be gone.
And it was scary.
And I had to face the fact that I am
not trained in how to work around this.
I have help.  A wonderful tutor, a language
therapist and an education therapist.
But I had to accept that the few hours a week
of additional help is not getting her where she needs to be.
So there is this very special school just ten minutes from us.
Where every child has dyslexia 
or some form of a language based learning difference.
She is not different.

And every teacher is a trained special education teacher.
And they know just what to do when all the myriad
of challenges arise.

Her class size is 4 kids per teacher.
Broken down so that each group is all at the same learning stage.
So no one feels far behind all the others.  
I knew about this school.
But I also knew it didn't start until 3rd grade.
However, in my feeling like I didn't know what else to do
I called.
Just to see it.
For the future.

And on that tour I learned this year they
went down to second. 
So there's one class that is a 2/3 split.
Which is just perfect for her because
technically she should be in third.
But because of repeating kindergarten
she is doing 2nd grade work this year.
And so it felt like a gift.
I know the whole feeling that if God
calls you to something he'll equip you.
He'll fill in the gap.
But he also sends help.
And so I see this as a gift.
A life raft he has sent to us.

While last year homeschooling was such a beautiful experience.
This year was already proving to not be what's best for her.

I am trusting that great things are going to happen here
this year, and I'm just praying for the Lord to unlock doors.
My education therapist has guided me in decisions for the last three years.
She is on the dyslexia board and I trust her.
When she said this is such a crucial age.
This is when we need to get her over this hurdle
so that she doesn't slip further behind.
So here we are.
And this week overall, I'd say was a success.
There were some tears, and anxiety.
But she is happy.
And was so excited for bring your pet to school day.
She also did something for the first time ever.
Something many kids do years earlier.
She sat down and wrote and illustrated a little book.
And then read it to us at bedtime.
Just for fun.
You see these natural developmental things,
they're not fun when it's all so much labor.
But she did it, just because.
And that is a sign to me that things are working.

To say this decision has weighed heavy on my heart
is an understatement.
So when this little lady out of nowhere told me,
"You know you're a one million infinity times 134 cool mom" 
it was just the encouragement I needed.
She is getting used to our days without her sister.
That has been hard too.
My instagram pics have been quiet too, so this will be quick.
We went to a beautiful beach baptism last week.
Played with friends.
I got a super cool Girl Scouts handbook from
1972 from one of the vintage sellers I follow
on instagram.  Oh I just can't help myself.
It was 2.00 and I think will be so cute in the girls
room.  Not to mention it's slightly sentimental for me.
It was published the year I was born, and I was a 
girl scout for years with my mom as the leader.
I'm loving this sweet October owl she's working on
in art class.
And we finally connected with some dear friends
for much needed fellowship.
The kids had a candlelit dinner.
And afterwards we played spades while
being fueled by these yummy pumpkin spice chai lattes!
 (the ladies won by the way!! hee hee....
this is like a three year ongoing rivalry) 
Cheers to a new week beginning.
New promises.
And His ever present hand in all things.
I'm resting in knowing that I have 
a God of angel armies by my side.


Kim said...

You are doing what is best for your girl! Praise Jesus that a school like that is 10 mins away! God is so good!
Great pictures!

Kim said...

Hope you are doing well... have not heard anything over here in awhile...
blessings friend...

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