Monday, August 30, 2010

Because of His Love

Because of His love
I feel a power not my own
and resolve 
I wouldn't have known
His spirit convicts me
and whispers
You are enough
You are beautiful
Oh wonderful Savior
 You love and adore
and call to all
to know the truth and more
To feel the way
You give peace
and joy
and comfort
Because of His love
I am changed
  and am called to love 
called to forgive
the way he would
to have a mind like His
to flee from lies
to give
to receive
to hurt
to heal
to grow
to overflow
to weep
to dance
to believe
Because of His love
I am His child
His daughter
He is jealous for me
and intercedes
on my behalf
He fights for me
and died for me
and for this reason
I will fight for Him
and fight for the life
He meant for us to have
I am just one
but I am enough
to share the truth
my faith
to share His love
that is more than enough
to overcome
to restore
to believe again
in the Creator
who is calling to you
Because of His love

I've been listening to lots of beautiful music lately.  So much of it ministers to my soul.  I just felt super moved to sit down and write and this is what flowed out.  Perhaps it'll minister to someone else.

Also.. here are some songs/videos that have me feeling really inspired, convicted and encouraged to do the hard work we're called to do.

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