Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bless Those Who Persecute You

Have you tried this?

Really, really tried it?

I have to admit I had not.  

I could forgive.

I could pray for my loved ones.

But could I ask the Lord to bless someone who meant to harm us?

Who did hurt us.

I was challenged this Sunday at church by our pastor's sermon.

It was based on Romans 12.  He covered much more than this.

But it was Romans 12:14 that hit me.

"Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them."

I knew there was an area in my life where I hadn't done this.
I honestly told God it was going to be hard.  But I'd do it.
Because He has asked us to.

So I did and I have been when it comes to my mind.
And you know something happened.

I discovered there's a freedom.
I was released,
and I was blessed.

The things that made me anxious
made me mad,
still tortured my mind.

They didn't hold the same power.

Really maybe this is something you already have experienced and already knew.  I know this might be old news.

But it was hugely inspiring to me.  Practicing it, doing it, really meaning it.  It is helping me.  I am being blessed.  God has a reason why he asks us to do this.  I didn't expect to feel the difference so quickly or so profoundly.

I should clarify that by asking for blessing, the Lord doesn't mean to have the person blessed while they keep on sinning, but that they'd be blessed by being drawn closer to Him and made more aware of their sin.  To the point where they're convicted and changed.  It's not asking for blessing while continuing to sin, but blessing by having their eyes opened.  

To know the truth that God loves them no matter what they've done and wants them to turn from their sinful ways and turn to Him.
I had such an unconscious block towards this it hadn't even been on my radar to do.  If there's something someone did to you where you realize you're still hurt, angry, anxious, bothered, give it a try.  

There are more blessings than you realize that will come out of blessing others, even those you find difficult to bless.

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