Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Place To Call My Own

This little haven of mine has been a long time in the making.

First it was a dream... for well, a few years.

But finally, it was time to build that window box seat
I had been dreaming about.  

The building happened somewhere in December of last year if I remember correctly.

It sat bare for months.

While we still had a round table that didn't fit our family of five anymore.

Typically we'd eat in stations or one of the adults would wind up at the little red kid table because the kids no longer would eat there.  That just didn't seem right.

Then it took me awhile to find just the right fabric.  I went to just about every store I knew of here in Los Angeles, including downtown to the fabric district.  Nothing was just right.

I don't like settling when it comes to these things and I'll be patient enough until I find the thing that makes my heart sing.

Tanya Whelan's fabric was the the thing that did it.  Oh I fell in love!  I envisioned this little french country bistro... and it's just how I imagined.  I'm leaving room to add some pillows for when something catches my eye.  I'm hoping to find one with a cute bird on it.

Oh and I almost forgot... the whole reason I'm posting this now is that our farm table is finally in.

I dreamed of a rustic looking farm table.

I tore pictures out of magazines.  I drew up my idea.

But nowhere and I mean NO WHERE did they have a table that was small enough to fit our space.

Then I was told about Oasis in Malibu.  And do you know when I walked in they had a table that was the perfect combination of the three I was putting together to make the one I really wanted.

I didn't even need to ask for a change.  Other than the fact that the dimensions needed to be smaller and we had to lose a diagonal feature because it wasn't long enough to keep them.

It's a trestle farm table made with re-purposed wood.  The top is a natural wood color, but the bottom has a shabby chic white wash.

Oh and the other real reason I wanted to write about this is that this is where I go early in the morning before the kids rise to read my devotionals and my bible. 

To drink my tea.

To look at the birds out the window.

To journal to God.  To listen to God.  To dream.  To Hear.  To feel filled and inspired.

I walk away from this spot feeling ready for my day.

It's also where I squeeze in moments to draw. 

I don't have a craft room.  Perhaps one day.

But for now this is absolutely perfect to me.

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