Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's The Simple Things

I love to be in nature.

So do the kids.

Too often tv's are turned on and video games are played and kids forget how to really play.

So do adults for that matter.

I'm bound and determined to keep the simple in our lives.

The kids thrive.

We thrive.

This summer since we haven't had to rush out of the house (most days) our favorite thing to do as the kids wake is they each creep into our bed.  We open the windows.  Have a cup a tea... kids included (herbal of course) and we watch what we've named 'the bird show'. 

It actually works.   

It's really my most favorite thing to do.  To have a slow start.  A slow start together as a family.

We're closer to each other.  Closer to God.  Closer to nature.

It's really the way it was meant to be.

That's not to say someone doesn't get bumped or bruised or hair pulled or kicked as they start to twist and wiggle and try to play 'gofer holes' into the depths of our comforter.

And that's when we know it's time to officially get up and at em. 

But I love that time when it's quiet and peaceful and we're all together.

So we're off to a week long camping trip in Santa Cruz.  There'll be lots of playing in nature.  Probably not so many slow mornings snuggling with tea.  But plenty of other blessings.

Hope everyone enjoys their week and you have a chance to enjoy some quiet outdoors.

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