Friday, August 19, 2011

back to school brunch

Here's the link to see how our party turned out.

One of the things we're doing to celebrate the 

end of summer is a surprise party for the kids.

A Back to School celebration, and this year it'll be a brunch.

I have to thank pinterest for lots of great brunch ideas!

You can see what we did last year here.

I'm liking making this a tradition.

We've invited a close family friend and his mom.

I'm keeping it super small.

But perhaps in the future I'll be brave enough to make it larger.

I'll link to the pdf for you to use the banner, flags & gift tags if you'd like.  And here's a separate link for the invite & menu.

p.s. I've been noticing sometimes when I click on the link it says it's not available to you.  If this happens to you, try it again.  Usually it works the second time around.  Sorry, not sure why it's doing that.  We'll be having our party on Monday... so stay tuned for more pictures.

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Christina said...

Super cute invite! We just had our annual Back to School dinner, but I love the idea of a brunch! How fun!
I would love it if you would share this at my August, "It's a Celebration" link party!

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