Tuesday, August 16, 2011

hope in the midst of loss

I've been checking on my mourning dove's daily.

The ones I wrote about here.

The ones I watched meticulously prepare their nest for their baby.

The ones I googled to discover the mom and dad take

turns nurturing their unhatched eggs.

The mom during the night, the dad during the day.

I've watched the changeover take place mid morning.

The mom flutters down to get some seeds and the dad

sits on his perch.

But last week they were gone.

I wondered what happened.

And then we saw it.

An egg shell.
I'm not sure the story behind what happened.

Did a squirrel somehow rob their nest?

Did the wind cause the egg to fall?

No matter how it happened, it just plain made me sad.

It came as my mind was already stewing about

a meeting I had earlier in the day for my daughter.

The language therapist's words felt like a death sentence of sorts.

"She will struggle for life".

It felt like a dagger to this mama heart

who has nurtured my baby like those mourning doves.

It felt a bit hopeless.

But I have to look up to the One who makes all things new.

Who will spring forth new life.

Who knitted my daughter together and knows her every hair,

her every day.

He created her for a purpose and I am holding onto the hope

that He is bigger than any test results on paper.

This isn't a declaration of trouble forever.

This is just the beginning of a story He is unfolding.

And I'm anticipating the day when the Lord will

show the statistics wrong.  

The paper obsolete.

Driving yesterday I caught part of Family Talk on KKLA.  

I heard Sheri Rose  share in a witty and raw way,

her struggles and her testimony of God's power in her life.  

Struggling in school with dyslexia, 

she was told by a teacher she was born to be a loser.

She said, "I've learned from God's grammar lesson that you don't 

put a period, where HE sees a COMMA."

Oh I love that.

And it touched me for my daughter.

There is always hope.

Who are we to put a period, where God sees a comma.

Do you have places where people have put a period

or you see a period, but God sees a comma?

As for the mourning doves, they will

raise three broods in each breeding season.

It doesn't make less of the loss, but it's a hope.

For new life, a new beginning.

Isn't that the way God works.  

He is always offering us hope.  

There are no periods.  

And beyond that, He'll do more than we can even imagine.

"Now all glory to God, 
who is able,
through his mighty power at work within us,
to accomplish infinitely more than we might
ask or think."
Ephesians 3:20

(by the way, take a moment ladies and listen to Sheri Rose's two part series on Family Talk.  She's just awesome.  I came across her years ago because of her devotionals, for myself and my kids.  They make great gifts too!)  

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