Monday, August 22, 2011

just breathing

Sometimes, ok lots of times, it takes being outside.

In the beauty of God's creation for me to breathe.
To step back from any of the issues swirling in my brain.
And to realize life is good.

Really good.
And God is good.  Really good.
Remember when I said I was throwing all responsibility out the window

and we were heading to the beach.
We didn't just head to any beach, but to the Malibu Tide Pools.

And it was great.

It was so fun watching them explore.
And discover.
And touch creatures.
Even if they weren't completely in the best shoes.
And even if this one
had a period of panic, once we were fifty feet in, over the seaweed she thought would 

somehow get her.  And I had to hold her all the way back.
It was so worth it to breathe the beach air,

feel the breeze on my skin

and to see this.
And this.
And to realize how blessed I am.

164. kids that play well together
165. watching friends children
166. no video games in months & months
167. a son who feels badly for a dead frog
168. a party today!
169. celebrating my kids
170. the getty museum
171. a children's concert with a sweet friend & her family
172. knowing God is in charge even when I'm confused
173. pretty straws
174. milk bottles that make me happy


Mommy Girl said...

wow- that looks like a fantastic day. I'll have to go there, have never been

Erin said...

I love number 167, having raised three boys I can relate :0)

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